is the most popular BitTorrent site. The site is ranked in the top 100 of all websites on the Internet according to statistics from Alexa.

The first public version of Mininova went live in 2005 and was hosted at the DSL line of Niek van der Maas, one of the founders of the site. The name “Mininova” was inspired by, the popular BitTorrent site that decided to shut its doors in December 2004, a few days before Mininova was launched. Not surprisingly, within a few days Niek’s connection couldn’t handle the bandwidth.

The site soon became one of the largest torrent sites, and more than 5 billion torrent files were downloaded from the site since it launched. May 2008, the Dutch anti-piracy organization BREIN announced a lawsuit against Mininova.

Founded: January 15, 2005
Founders: Matthijs Meulenburg, Niek van der Maas en Erik Dubbelboer
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