Movie Piracy Cost 6.1 Billion

The movie industry lost 6.1 billion according to a recent study by the MPAA, 75% higher than they expected. So it seems like the MPAA is losing “the war on piracy”.

In the US alone the movie studio’s lost 1.3 billion in 2005. And it is even worse, these figures only account for the losses of the studio’s that are a member of the MPAA.


This recent study is yet another story showing that the MPAA’s efforts don’t really have an effect. The Razorback2 raid is a great example: The MPAA claimed a great victory, but in fact the data shows that it had no impact at all.

Another study by cachelogic even showed that P2P traffic is rapidly increasing.

But the war is not over according to MPAA CEO Dan Glickman:

“We are calling on governments internationally to continue to work with us in limiting the impact of piracy on local economies and the film industry,” MPAA chairman and CEO Dan Glickman said. “Movies are a valuable product, and intellectual property must be respected. This study will help us better analyze and focus our efforts to fight movie theft.”

However, so far it seems like the pirates are winning this battle.


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