MPAA Hacker Now Working with Torrentspy

A month ago Torrentspy sued the MPAA because an alleged hacker, hired by the MPAA, retrieved private information from the BitTorrent indexer. But according to Cnet Robert Anderson (the hacker) is now helping Torrentspy to fight the MPAA.

Among the claims by Valence Media (Torrentspy) is that as part of its attempt to gather information on Torrentspy, the MPAA hired private investigators to comb the trash cans of Torrentspy executives. Valence Media obtained this information from Robert Anderson (alleged hacker), who for undisclosed reasons has agreed to help the company against the Hollywood industry group.

It’s unclear what prompted Anderson to cooperate with Torrentspy and risk possible criminal prosecution. “The only person that would know the precise answer to that is him,” Rothken (Torrentspy’s lawyer) said. “We believe that he broke the law in a serious manner…we’re encouraged that after making a big mistake he’s now mitigating his wrongdoing by providing information about things he did so we can take remedial action against the MPAA.”

A remarkable turn of events

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