New Xbox DRM Will Require Always-On Internet

According to a VG247 report, some of the specifications for the next generation Xbox have been released by Microsoft to certain partners.

The machine, currently favored to be called Xbox 720, is penciled in for Christmas 2013 release and will come fitted with a Blu-ray drive.

But while fans will be keen to experience the visuals generated by its twin AMD 7000 GPUs and the power of its “four or six” core CPU, there is a more worrying development.

Early indications suggest that as part of its anti-piracy DRM systems, Xbox 720 will require a permanent Internet connection in order to operate.

The groan-inducing news is certain to bring back bad memories of terrible DRM ‘solutions’ such as those employed by Ubisoft which also required always-on Internet.

It hasn’t been a good week for those looking forward to the next generation of games consoles. According to another report, Sony’s Playstation 3 successor could contain a system which locks out used games until the user pays a fee to activate them.


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