New York: The Movie Pirate Capital

According to the MPAA, New York is a ‘movie pirate heaven’. It is reporting that 43 percent of all pirated (cam) movies in the US, and 20 percent of them worldwide are shot in New York theaters.

mpaaI seriously wonder how they came up with these numbers, since it is not that easy to track down the source of a camcorder recorded movie (they can) but like they say “it’s an estimate”. But it wouldn’t be the first time that the MPAA makes up their own stats to justify their doubtful actions.

The impressive figures inspired the MPAA and the NYPD to pay some extra attention to the whereabouts of these pirates. They even teamed up with the Office of Special Enforcement (OSE) to track down the pirate networks, and bring them to court.

And to complete the circle, the City of New York announced that they plan to introduce legislation to amend the penal law. Convicted pirates then will face jail time up to one year, and up to four years in prison, for previously convicted pirates.


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