No easy way out for NiteShdw

Two days ago we reported that NiteShdw, one of the MPAA’s latest targets, was planning to settle the case without too much damage. However, the MPAA is not willing yo cooperate and demands at least $10.000 from the owner of the relatively small BitTorrent site.

NiteShdw’s admin says:

Ongoing discussions with the MPAA’s lawyers are not going well. They are demanding a monetary settlement of at least $10,000, which amounts to nearly a half year of income.

In addition, a clause in the proposed settlement takes away my right to ask for donations to pay for a defense or settlement fund. Under the proposed agreement, any donations I receive through would be confiscated by the MPAA and would not be applied to the total monetary damages I would owe.

The only way I could comply with such a settlement would be to stop eating, or maybe sell my daughter to the highest bidder (and that’s not going to happen).


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