Oh Oh…Are the Prenda Trolls Being Watched by the IRS?

With the copyright trolls of Prenda Law in a whole world of trouble, it was somewhat of a disappointment this week when they turned up in court only to plead the fifth.

Nevertheless, while the spectacle may have proven bloodless on the day, the long-term outcome is likely to be fatal. For a detailed report and all the gory details look no further than Ken White’s on Popehat.

We’ll have to wait and see what Judge Otis Wright has planned for the world’s most hated copyright trolls, but in the meantime it seems that other governmental departments might be taking a keen interest in the latest Prenda events.

A Tweet from Ken White suggests that courts in other districts are taking an interest.


…and a a response from FightCopyrightTrolls suggests that things are about to get a whole lot worse.


A free gift to anyone who can link to a comment which shows sympathy for Prenda.

No, thought not…


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