Online TV on the Rise

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A recent study conducted for the BBC shows that watching TV "online" is on the rise, and threatening the popularity of old fashioned TV watching.

television online TVThe poll shows that 75% of the people who participated in the poll indicated that the now watch more TV online compared to a year ago. 43% of the people who watch TV over the Internet at least once a week said that this lead them to watch less “regular” TV.

This does not mean that people watch less TV overall. In fact, the opposite might be true. A recent study CBS poll showed that P2P TV increases the overall time people spend watching TV. However, it is an indication that times are changing, and TV broadcasters will need to make more content available online.

Availability will automatically lead to more fans because nobody will ever miss an episode. Just look at the popularity of TV shows like LOST on BitTorrent. More fans could mean more TV watching, which will lead to more income if TV broadcasters find a good way to monetize their content.


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