Opera integrates BitTorrent in their Browser

Opera is the first web browser that is going to support BitTorrent. The browser will also include the BitTorrent.com search function. Opera 9 TP2 will be available to the public soon (tuesday). However Opera emphasizes that the TP (technical preview) version is likely to contain some bugs and therefore Opera advises to use it for preview purposes only.

The official press release states:

Opera Software today announced that it has teamed with BitTorrent Inc. to include the BitTorrentâ„¢ protocol in the upcoming version of the Opera Web browser. Integrating this popular technology in the Opera browser means faster and more efficient downloads of large files.

Opera and BitTorrent have signed an agreement covering Opera’s use of the BitTorrent trademark and access to the BitTorrent search engine from the browser’s user interface. A technical preview (TP) of the Opera 9 browser will be made available soon.

With this new release Opera stays ahead of the popular Firefox browser. BitTorrent support for Firefox is expected later this year, either by allpeers or moztorrent.


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