Oversized Video Clips at BitTorrent.com

We all know that BitTorrent is probably the best way to transfer large files, but this doesn't mean that one should increase the filesize because they distribute something over BitTorrent.

BitTorrent inc logoYesterday I browsed through the official BitTorrent site to see if there was some interesting stuff to download. My eyes fell on the “New York, New York” video clip by Moby and Debbie Harry. The torrent had around 20 seeders and 20 peers, so it was pretty healthy, and I assumed that it wouldn’t take that long to download…

Wrong, when I loaded the torrent file in uTorrent, I noticed that the videoclip was over 1GB! Wait a minute, 1GB for a 5 minute videoclip? That’s over 3MB per second! I know that BitTorrent recently expanded their server park, but this is just a waste of bandwidth. V2 Records probably never heard of “compression” because they offer a whole collection of oversized videoclips.

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