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On February 21 the MPAA claimed a "major victory" in their war against piracy. The Belgian police managed to shut down Razorback2's servers. Razorback2 was considered to be the heart of the Edonkey2000 network, with over a million users.

Proud as they were, the MPAA issued a press-release with some convincing quotes:

MPAA Chairman and CEO Dan Glickman said:

“This is a major victory in our fight to cut off the supply of illegal materials being circulated on the Internet via peer-to-peer networks. By shaving the illegal traffic of copyrighted works facilitated by Razorback2, we are depleting other illegal networks of their ability to supply Internet pirates with copyrighted works which is a positive step in our international effort to fight piracy.”

Worldwide Anti-Piracy Director John G. Malcolm stated:

“Razorback2 was not just an enormous index for Internet users engaged in illegal file swapping, it was a menace to society, and I applaud the Swiss and Belgian authorities for their actions which are helping thwart Internet piracy around the world.”

But What Really Happened?



, Edonkey traffic stayed the same.


At least that is what Cachelogic’s Vice President David Ferguson concludes from their traffic statistics on the Edonkey2000 network.

The red arrow indicates the day Razorback2 was shut down. As you can probably see, there was no impact at all on the Edonkey traffic.

But what does it mean? Probably that these raids have no effect at all, it’s just reallocating the “problem”.


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