Norwegian Minister Wants to Legalize File-Sharing

The trial of The Pirate Bay has not gone by unnoticed in Sweden's neighbor country, Norway. The IFPI has ordered the largest ISP in the country to block the site, while on the other hand Norway's Minister of Education is critical of the music industry, and wants to legalize (illegal) file-sharing

Pirate Bay Ends First Trial Week Partying

As the first week of the trial came to an end, hundreds of supporters gathered Friday evening for a Spectrial Kopimi Party at a night club in central Stockholm. The party was thrown by the Swedish Pirate Bureau and saw live performances by several artists, a DJ set from Brokep and video art made from the movies featured in the trial.

FBI Tracks Down Oscars BitTorrent Uploaders

The FBI has tracked down two individuals who uploaded Oscar screeners to BitTorrent trackers. The pair are accused of uploading screeners of Australia, Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionaire to The Pirate Bay, Demonoid and Movie Hogs. They face harsh punishment of three years in jail.

Anakata Explains in Court How ‘The Scene’ Works

The Pirate Bay trial has opened a whole new world for the Stockholm Court. When Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm (Anakata) was questioned about the upload habits of the site's users, the prosecution was baffled to hear that "The Scene" doesn't like The Pirate Bay either, and that they are actually on their side.

Pirate Bay Trial Day 5: Peter’s “Political Trial”

It's Day 5 at The Pirate Bay trial. Will colorful site spokesman Peter Sunde stand up to the pressure? There seems little doubt of that, but the Prosecution are trying to make it as difficult as possible by introducing yet more uncleared evidence. Peter demands of the Prosecution, "Is this a political trial?"

Mininova Upgrades Layout, Servers and Office

Mininova, one of the largest BitTorrent sites on the Internet has relocated to a new office in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Besides the new office Mininova has also made some changes to the site itself, while adding two more servers to cope with the growing demand from its visitors.

Day 4 – Pirate Bay Defense Calls Foul Over Evidence

Day 4 of The Pirate Bay trial has seen the focus on Fredrik who was questioned at length. When it was movie industry lawyer Monique Wadsted's turn, she wasted no time in unexpectedly introducing new evidence. Both the defense and the court complained at this point, with Wadsted choosing to shout down the judge.