The Final Day of The Pirate Bay Appeal

After nearly three weeks, The Pirate Bay appeal comes to an end today but not before the defendants’ lawyers have their final say. All lawyers called for their clients to be acquitted on various grounds, citing a recent Spanish verdict, the UK based TV-links case and referring to the E-commerce directive.

MPAA Copy-Protected DRM Site Hacked By Anonymous

A site run by the MPAA has become the most recent victim of cyber attacks being carried out by Anonymous., a site used to inform on copy protection and DRM on DVD and Blu-ray movie discs, now displays a missive from the anarchic group . After a few seconds it redirects visitors to the homepage of The Pirate Bay.

Leading Anti-Piracy Outfit Sold To US Fraud and Brand Protection Firm

DtecNet has been one the world's leading anti-piracy monitoring companies for some time. Utilized extensively by the international music and movie industries to track users on BitTorrent and other file-sharing networks, the company has its base in Denmark. That now appears set to change with news that DtecNet has been sold to US anti-fraud and brand abuse company, MarkMonitor. Debuts Lightweight Tracker For Its 5 Million Peers

Despite being a private community of music fanatics, operates one of the largest BitTorrent trackers on the Internet. Recently, the site's users were silently transferred to a new tracker. Named Ocelot, the new and improved tracker is one of the most efficient around and to commemorate its implementation staff have been telling the complete story of how it came to be.

Lawyer: BREIN Anti-Piracy Spy Uploaded Pirated Movie To Usenet

In the legal battle between Usenet community FTD and Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN, some controversial allegations have been made. There are claims that not only did BREIN have as many as 15 undercover investigators working at FTD masquerading as regular users, but one of them - allegedly a direct BREIN employee - actually uploaded a 'pirate' movie to Usenet and posted its whereabouts on the site.

Pirate Party Leader and Anti-Piracy Boss Clash in Twitter Fight

Twitter can be a great tool to keep friends and total strangers updated on your life, to gather support for a cause or to pass on interesting content. However, as became apparent yesterday, the micro-blogging service is also an excellent medium for a fight off between people on different sides of the 'war on piracy'.

Police Repeat OiNK Mistake, Mulve Accusation “Conspiracy To Defraud”

After last week's shock news that police had arrested an individual connected with the Mulve music software, we can now confirm that the grounds - as with the failed OiNK case - are Conspiracy to Defraud. As we try to understand this decision we speak at length with Mulve's programmer, but his revelations only support the notion that something has gone badly wrong with this investigation. In the meantime, Mulve alternatives are hitting the web.

Pirate Bay Prosecution Calls for Jail Time and Damages

The Pirate Bay appeal is nearly coming to an end as we enter the 7th day. Today the prosecution has been giving the court its closing arguments. Håkan Roswall, Peter Danowsky, Henrik Pontén and Monique Wadsted all appeared. The prosecution called for jail time and substantial damages to cover the losses the entertainment industries claim to have suffered due to the operations of the world's most famous torrent site.