Pirate Bay Facing Server Troubles and Downtime

Many people have noticed that the Pirate Bay has had quite a lot of downtime lately. Some rumors say that the site may have been raided again, but in reality, The Pirate Bay simply has trouble keeping up with the ever increasing traffic.

Where’s the Warning Letter for the OiNK Uploaders?

This week, many thousands of warning letters will be received by people in the UK accused of sharing files. Each recipient will get the smallest possible slap on the wrist. Yet today another police bail deadline will come and go for six people accused of doing exactly the same on…

ImageShack’s Free Torrent Download Service Expands

ImageShack, one of the largest media hosting websites, has implemented some significant upgrades to their torrent download service. One of the most innovative new features is the "video preview", which allows users to browse through stills of the video they are downloading, to get an impression of the quality of…

EZTV Trials TV-Torrent Streaming

Last week, we wrote about the new attempt to invigorate video distribution, by mixing torrents with streaming video. Our piece piqued the interest of the leading TV-torrent distribution group , EZTV , and just a few hours ago, they launched a live-beta test of the technology for their 'warez'.

The Pirate Bay Promotes “The Dark Knight” Leak

The Pirate Bay is messing with Hollywood again, as they've put up a new logo which links to pirated copies of the blockbuster movie "The Dark Knight". Although Warner did all it can to protect the film from leaking, a Cam version leaked onto BitTorrent sites soon after it premiered.

MPAA Hacker Spied on The Pirate Bay

Court documents show that a hacker, hired by the MPAA, offered to reveal the identities of the Pirate Bay founders. The hacker, who also retrieved private information from TorrentSpy, was paid $15.000 for his efforts.