Aye! The Pirate Bay Anthem is Here

A few years ago The Pirate Bay crew toyed with the idea of founding a pirate state, preferably in the micronation of Sealand or another suitable island. An island was never bought, but The Pirate Bay does have an official anthem now.

Vuze Cashing in on Porn BitTorrent Users

In a bid to increase their revenue, among other things, Vuze has added a catalog of HD adult videos to their BitTorrent client. For a few dollars a month Vuze users can subscribe to the latest hotness. Of course, all torrents on the erotica network are well seeded.

Trial of OiNK BitTorrent Site Admin Delayed Until 2010

During October 2007, the popular BitTorrent tracker OiNK was shut down in a joint effort by Dutch and British law enforcement. Four users of the popular BitTorrent tracker have already been sentenced to community service, fines and payment of court costs, but the trial of admin Alan Ellis has now been moved to 2010.

Usenet Community Takes Anti-Piracy Group to Court

A Usenet discussion community is taking notorious anti-piracy outfit BREIN to court. BREIN, which has taken action against many Usenet and BitTorrent sites including Demonoid and Mininova, has declared the activities of FTD illegal. Angered by these claims, FTD is now taking BREIN to court to force it to eat its words.

Another Scandal Surrounds Pirate Bay Judge

Pirate Bay judge Tomas Norström's objectivity has already been called into doubt because of his ties to national and international pro-copyright lobby groups. Now, one of the defense lawyers says he has uncovered another scandal and claims to have evidence that Norström wasn't assigned to the case randomly, as should be the case according to court procedure.

Shocking: Pirates Like Britney Spears Too


A study conducted by PRS, the British music royalty collection agency, looked into the downloading habits of the average user of file-sharing networks. They found that the most downloaded tracks mimic the music charts. That is, people tend to download music that's already popular.

Documentary Filmmaker Supports BitTorrent Uploader

When a filmmaker first discovered that his new movie had leaked to the Internet, he was pretty upset. However, this creator has some hacker friends who persuaded him to feel more relaxed about reaching a whole new audience. Right now, he is embracing file-sharing and even the uploader who released his work via BitTorrent sites.

Vulnerability Renders MPAA/RIAA Copyright Warnings Useless

In a bid to educate pirates, copyright holders hire companies such as BayTSP to track down people who share their titles on P2P networks. The alleged infringers then receive a warning and are given the opportunity to resolve the issue. However, this system is vulnerable to abuse and therefore completely useless.