RIAA ‘Protects’ Radiohead’s In Rainbows

In 2007 Radiohead sent a shockwave through the music industry by allowing fans to download their new 'self-released' album 'In Rainbows' for whatever price they wanted to pay, including nothing. Fast-forward three years and the RIAA and IFPI are sending takedown notices to people who share that album online. What happened?

Police Keep Their Word, Shut Down File-Sharing Sites

Following high level talks with the IFPI and very public declarations on national TV, it recently became clear that Bulgarian authorities would start taking down torrent sites and other file-sharing services. This week the Ministry of Affairs has been busy targeting what it describes as a "criminal network" of file-hosting services which allegedly generated more than $3 million.

U.S. Copyright Group ‘Steal’ Competitor’s Website

The U.S. Copyright Group (USCG) has been all over the news in recent months. The lawyer group sued thousands of BitTorrent users who allegedly file-shared motion pictures belonging to their clients, including the Oscar-winning Hurt Locker. However, it turns out that USCG are not copyright purists either, as they have blatantly copied the website of a competitor without permission.

uTorrent Web Now Available on iPad and Android

After adding support for the iPhone last month, BitTorrent Inc. has now made the remote access 'Web' feature of its uTorrent Falcon client compatible with the iPad and Android devices. uTorrent users can now remotely control their downloads from wherever they are on their favorite mobile device.

BitTorrent Releasers Are The New Kids On The Piracy Block

For many years movies have been released onto the Internet, trickling down the so-called 'piracy pyramid' from elitist and private sites. Now a new breed of release groups are starting to make waves, bringing media directly to the masses. Today we take a closer look at this scene and speak to groups on the frontline to see what makes them tick.

Finnish ISPs to Warn Pirating Customers

Following in the footsteps of the UK, Finland is preparing a new piece of legislation that will make it mandatory for Internet providers to warn customers who download music and movies without consent from copyright holders. The proposal is meant to cut down piracy in Finland but both pro and anti-piracy outfits have their doubts abouts its potential effectiveness.

Pirate Party Offers Servers and Hosting To Wikileaks

This week Wikileaks released more than 90,000 government documents related to the war in Afghanistan. When added to the perceived damage caused by its earlier leaking of the 'Collateral Murder' video, Wikileaks is now undoubtedly a serious target for U.S. authorities. After becoming The Pirate Bay's ISP, The Pirate Party now says that if needed, they will supply servers and hosting to Wikileaks.

uMap: Show Your uTorrent Peers in Google Maps

uMap is a new App that allows uTorrent users to display all the peers they are connected to on Google Maps. While the App provides a good visualization of global BitTorrent swarms, it also demonstrates that anonymity is hard to find for the regular torrenter.