Fear of Movie Piracy Delays Theater Releases

The movie industry leaves no stone unturned in its quest to eliminate movie piracy, particularly illegal camcording in theaters. Unfortunately, it's the public that has to deal with the negative consequences. In some parts of the world, it means that you'll have to wait a few extra weeks or months before a movie premieres.

Torrent Sites End Up on Aussie Blacklist

There are claims today that the Australian government's top-secret blacklist of banned websites has been leaked onto the Internet. There are a number of strange entries on the list that leaked to Wikileaks, including a couple of torrent sites. However, Australian Minister Stephen Conroy claims the list is not the country's official blacklist.

Pirate Bay Interview: EPIC WIN Prediction

It's been two weeks since the Pirate Bay trial came to an end - at least for now. While the judge reviews the arguments presented by both sides, TorrentFreak caught up with Peter Sunde to look forward to the decision and review the tumultuous events of the past weeks.

Kiwi ISP Already Disconnecting Alleged Pirates

The controversial 'Section 92a' law is looking increasingly uncertain in New Zealand. Following a breakdown in talks it's been revealed that one ISP has already implemented a version of it, and may have already threatened innocent customers after allegations from copyright holders.

Movie Goer Searched For Camming Kit, Threatened Over Candy

A woman who went to the cinema to watch a movie says she was "treated like a criminal." First of all cinema staff searched her looking for camming equipment, but found candy instead which they demanded she turn over. She refused and wouldn't leave the building when told to either, despite the security guards.

Major Opposition to New Swedish Copyright Law

A new law designed to make it easier for copyright holders to go after illicit file-sharers will come into force April 1st in Sweden. The IPRED legislation will also increase penalties and ultimately criminalize large scale infringement but according to a new poll, the majority of Swedes are against it.