Pelé Joins the MPAA

The Football World Cup started yesterday in Germany. The MPAA has a great sense of timing and announced yesterday that they “hired” the footie legend Pelé, to score a goal against piracy.

Pelé, the Brazilian legend, worked with the MPAA before in 2004, when his very own movie “pele forever” was pirated and distributed among the less fortunate Latin American street children. Today, he found his friends again; ready to score a goal in the MPAA’s war against piracy.

Pelé, “embodies the notion of fair play,” says the MPAA

The MPAA press release goes on (pdf warning):

“We are honored to have a distinguished teammate in Pelé in our fight against film copyright theft,” said Chairman and CEO of the MPAA Dan Glickman. “Pelé has a reputation for fair play and in this public service announcement, he carries that message to people – urging them to do the right thing by renting, buying or downloading movies legally.”

watch the commercial (thanks Niek)

In the meanwhile, the pirates have the ball, and you can use google for the latest results.


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