Pirates On The Loose

Is the MPAA is losing the “war on piracy”? Hollywood lost 6.1 billion according to reasearch by the MPAA, 75% higher than they expected.

Although The DVD sniffin Dogs “Lucky and Flo” help a little bit, the pirates are on the loose. The MPAA claimes “major victories” in their war against piracy but if you take a closer look at what’s really happening… nothing

“They talk a good game, but piracy is still a very significant problem,” Jack Kyser, chief economist at the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp., said to LA Daily news. “It’s still basically out of control. Regardless of what they say … it’s still rampant.”

LA daily news cites James Boyle, a law professor at Duke University. He maintains that for the most part, so called “piracy” is harmless.

“When they go after people who are engaged in mass-market copying of DVDs, where they’re producing trademark goods and distributing them as if they’re the legitimate ones, there’s absolutely no doubt it’s illegal and it should be stopped and I totally support that, but, Making a mixed CD of music you legitimately own and giving it to your friend … when those kinds of things are lumped in and put under the label of piracy, then I think we do ourselves an injustice.”



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