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It is with sadness that we report that Pimpie, the administrator of long-standing private BitTorrent tracker PiSEXY, has passed away suddenly after suffering an aneurysm. Despite the pain felt by his spouse, friends, family and the community, everyone is pulling together. The site will go on in his memory.

pisexyPiSEXY is a fairly compact private tracker with a membership fluctuating between 10,000 and 20,000 members.

Having begun life as ABC Torrents way back in 2003 (you can see the ABC in their current logo), the site now tracks around 10,000 torrents of all varieties and has an enthusiastic userbase.

Last week the community was shocked by the sudden passing away of its founder, Robert – known to his members as Pimpie.

Just 34 years old, Pimpie passed away on August 26th having suffered an aneurysm and will be sorely missed by his spouse, family and friends – both on and offline.

Gozirra, a moderator on the site, told TorrentFreak that PiSexy’s members are understandably deeply affected by Pimpie’s passing. But with great spirit, Leona, Pimpie’s spouse, has said that she will keep the site going with the help and support of the staff.

“He planned to live 100 years,” said Gozirra. “His passing on August 26th has devastated those of us who called him ‘friend’. He was ‘Teh Man From Amsterdam’ – he never could spell ‘the’ :)”

Although he didn’t know they would be his last, here are Pimpie’s parting words with the community;

“Every time you think something or someone is stupid, it just means there is another thing in this world you don’t understand.”

In memory of Robert, 1975-2009


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