Poles Take anti-ACTA Protests to the Streets

Thousands of people have joined anti-ACTA protests all across Poland this week.

At TorrentFreak we first mentioned the controversial trade agreement early 2008, and nearly 4 years later it is coming dangerously close to passing.

Although the text of the legislation has been toned down somewhat, it still poses a threat to the Internet and the privacy of its users.

To prevent their Government from signing the treaty tens of thousands of people are protesting in Poland this week.

Large groups of people gathered in Krakow, at the European Parliament in Warsaw, and at the house of the Polish Prime Minister Tusk in Sopot.

Thus far, however, it doesn’t look like the Government is about to change its pro-ACTA position.

“We must sign ACTA and not give in to blackmail,” the prime minister said, commenting on the demands of protesters, and specifically to threats made by Anonymous.

Although most of the protests are peaceful, online activists also responded by taking down several Government websites and hacking the site of the Prime Minister.

The resistance against ACTA is not limited to Poland. In countries all over the world people have been speaking out against ACTA this recent week, and these protests are expected to intensify in the coming weeks.


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