QuickSilverScreen Streaming Links Site Calls It Quits

In the wake of the Megaupload raids and attacks on domains in the US and elsewhere, the administrator of yet another site has decided to call it quits.

QuickSilverScreen (QSS) first appeared in 2004 but faced its first legal action 2 years later in 2006.

Twentieth Century Fox asked the site to take immediate action to stop infringements of Fox copyrights. The site’s operator approached the EFF for help but was advised that the site might indeed be breaking the law.

QSS was owned by a guy called Steve Thompson but according to a source close to the site, in the wake of these threats he gave the site away to two individuals known as “Neels and BigCheese”.

The pair ran the site up until 2010 when the site changed hands again. A year later it was transferred to yet another new owner.

According to our source, QuickSilverScreen had over 600,000 members but despite the site’s traffic health, the new owner has also had enough. Fearing prosecution he shut the site down last week.

A new site, DailyFlix.net, sprung up as a replacement and apparently grabbed 1,000 new members in the 24 hours following the closure of QSS.

How long it will last remains to be seen. For these kinds of sites the current climate is both tough and unpredictable.


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