Reddit Founder Mourns the “Death Of The Internet”

Reddit founder Alexis Ohanion has been one of the most prominent opponents of the PIPA and SOPA bills.

Just yesterday he debated the issues on MSNBC and later this week Reddit itself will join the PIPA blackout, taking the site offline for 12 hours.

And there’s more.

In a video just released Ohanion calls out the sponsors of SOPA and PIPA, who he says are in Hollywood’s pockets.

They admit not having any clue about technology, but yet they try to pass a bill that could “kill the Internet.”

“Innovate, don’t legislate,” is the way forward according to the Reddit founder.

To stress the urgency of the matter Ohanion is writing sympathy cards to his Senators to mourn the death of the Internet, asking others to join him.


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