riaa lawsuits have hurt my artists, says ceo Music label

“The major labels are using fear as a tactic to push these kids away from these P2P systems, you can’t use fear to change these behaviors, it just isn’t effective. These lawsuits have hurt my artists. We need to stop these lawsuits.”

terry mcbrideThis is what Nettwerk CEO Terry McBride said at the Bandwidth music and technology conference. Nettwerk is the record label of Barenaked Ladies and Avril Lavigne (and more artist), who joined the Canadian Music Creators Coalition earlier this year. The CMCC is rising up against p2p lawsuits, statutory damages, DRM and the prohibition of copying and sharing Music. They believe that people should be able to explore and share music, without legal threats.

CEO McBride supports this initiative, and backs up his artists stating:

“Avril or any of my artists would never sue a fan,” McBride said. “I want those fans to share that music. When (the original) Napster hit, we had the same knee-jerk reaction that everyone else did: ‘Who are these kids, let’s get them and sue them.’ But after a while we realized that they were no different than I was when I was as a teenager, just looking to consume as much music as possible.”

That’s the spirit!


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