RIAA Targets Cloud Hosting Service, But Not Really

A few interesting headlines have been floating around the Internet during the past few days.

They all refer to the RIAA’s latest legal “target,” Box.net.

“RIAA Starts Going After Cloud Storage Sites?” was the Time headline today.

The answer is no.

The RIAA isn’t going after the Box.net site, but one of its users who has allegedly stored pre-release material on there.

riaaAlthough the RIAA stopped suing regular file-sharers years ago, they’re still hunting down the sources of major leaks. One of these might have used Box.net.

The subpoena was sent to Box.net as part of the discovery process, just as the RIAA can subpoena Facebook, Twitter or Megaupload.

So, don’t expect the RIAA to demand millions from cloud hosting services. Not yet at least.

In a response to the ‘legal action’ Box.net told HWR.

“We take the confidentiality of our customers’ information very seriously, but just like all other businesses, we are legally required to comply with court orders.”

“Our compliance will be limited to the information the court requires we produce. At Box, we’re primarily focused on powering collaboration and information sharing within businesses, and it’s rare that we run into copyright infringement issues in those instances.”


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