Shocker: MPAA Writes U.S. Anti-Piracy Bill?

Over the last weeks “the Internet” has revolted against the pending Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

But there are also parties who want to see it passed as soon as possible, the MPAA being one of them.

Although the movie industry lobby group should not be actively involved in drafting U.S. legislation, a recent comment from MPAA’s Michael O’Leary in the New York Times suggests otherwise.

In the article MPAA’s senior executive vice president for global policy and external affairs says some of the SOPA language will be changed at the last minute.

MPAA exec Michael O’Leary said in an afternoon press call that the agency “will come forward with language that will address some of the legitimate concerns,” of those opposed to the bill, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Zynga and myriad other Web companies and advocacy groups.

Admittedly, the MPAA boss doesn’t say that the MPAA will write these changes in but the way O’Leary speaks to the New York Times suggests that the movie lobby group has some control of what text is in the bill.

Whether that’s a big surprise is a whole other issue.


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