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Anti-Mafia Unit Raids Large Torrent Sites, Arrests 17-Year-Old Admin

Two of Bulgaria's largest torrent sites have been raided by the country's organized crime unit. The sites, which served in excess of three quarters of a million members, had been established for several years. Three locations were raided and two site admins, one just 17-years-old, were arrested.

Police Keep Their Word, Shut Down File-Sharing Sites

Following high level talks with the IFPI and very public declarations on national TV, it recently became clear that Bulgarian authorities would start taking down torrent sites and other file-sharing services. This week the Ministry of Affairs has been busy targeting what it describes as a "criminal network" of file-hosting…

TorrentValley Raided and Shut Down

TorrentValley, one of the larger BitTorrent sites with millions of visitors each month, has been shut down by Bulgarian authorities. The site's servers were seized by a Cyber Crime Unit, which acted based upon evidence provided by the Bulgarian music industry.

Police Threats Close Many BitTorrent Sites

Yesterday we reported on the plight of RARBG, a large tracker forced to close by anti-piracy outfit, BREIN. Now it appears that this is just the tip of the iceberg. A whole raft of trackers are being forced to close or relocate following police action, including ArenaBG and several other…

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