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BitTorrent Inventor Bram Cohen Leaves BitTorrent Behind

BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen is making it clear that he has nothing to do with the TRON cryptocurrency. While the company he founded was recently acquired by TRON founder Justin Sun, Cohen is no longer officially involved. Instead, he's working on this own groundbreaking cryptocurrency.

TRON: Our BitTorrent Plan Might Take Two Decades

Ever since BitTorrent Inc. was acquired by the TRON foundation, people have been asking what the cryptocurrency outfit intends to do with the file-sharing giant. A new announcement by TRON founder Justin Sun shines a little more light on the end game - democratizing and decentralizing the Internet - but…

Neo Cryptocurrency Bid $170 Million for BitTorrent

Tron founder Justin Sun was not the only one interested in taking over BitTorrent Inc. Neo, another cryptocurrency startup, was in the running as well and made a substantially higher bid. However, uncertainty on both sides prevented a successful deal from taking place.

BitTorrent and Tron Hope Other Clients Will Embrace ‘Paid’ Seeding

BitTorrent and Tron hope to successfully integrate blockchain technology with the popular file-sharing protocol. The idea of adding rewards and 'payments' to BitTorrent is controversial, but the team stresses that all blockchain enhancements will be open source and backward compatible. They also call on third-party torrent clients to embrace their…

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