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TRON: Our BitTorrent Plan Might Take Two Decades

Ever since BitTorrent Inc. was acquired by the TRON foundation, people have been asking what the cryptocurrency outfit intends to do with the file-sharing giant. A new announcement by TRON founder Justin Sun shines a little more light on the end game - democratizing and decentralizing the Internet - but…

Neo Cryptocurrency Bid $170 Million for BitTorrent

Tron founder Justin Sun was not the only one interested in taking over BitTorrent Inc. Neo, another cryptocurrency startup, was in the running as well and made a substantially higher bid. However, uncertainty on both sides prevented a successful deal from taking place.

TRON Cryptocurrency Founder Plans to Buy BitTorrent Inc

More than thirteen years after BitTorrent Inc. entered Silicon Valley as one of the hottest new startups, the company is getting close to being acquired. Justin Sun, the founder of the cryptocurrency TRON, is planning to take the company in and both parties are finalizing the latest details. With a…

BitTorrent Is Reportedly Selling for $140 Million (Update)

BitTorrent Inc, the parent company behind the popular file-sharing client uTorrent, recently made a deal to sell to Justin Sun, the founder of cryptocurrency TRON. According to new information, Sun has agreed to pay $140 million for the company. While no details have yet been confirmed, a shareholder notes that…

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