The Decemberists Release Music Video on BitTorrent

The indie rock band “The Decemberists” has more faith in BitTorrent than MTV. The band from Portland, Oregon want their video to be available to a wide public, and BitTorrent is the easiest way to do so.

Dawn Barger, manager of the Decemberists says:

For the most part, MTV and VH1 won’t touch video unless bands have sold a huge number of records, it’s impossible to get rotation.”

Publishing a video on BitTorrent, is cheap, easy and efficient. The hardcore fans helped to seed the torrent and within a couple of days the torrent was downloaded more that 2000 times.

Slim Moon, founder of Kill Rock Stars, the Decemberists’ record label responds:

“No matter where you stand on issues of copyright, a network like BitTorrent is really for exactly this kind of thing When you have content that you want to freely distribute, it seems like … the most logical way to distribute.”

The video for “Sixteen Military Wives” was shot for less than $6,000 at a high school in Portland, Oregon, and features members of the band participating in a Model United Nations, a simulation popular in high schools to teach students about problem-solving and international relations. In the video, Decemberists singer Colin Meloy represents the United States and boldly declares war on Luxembourg, a not-so-subtle jab at the Bush administration’s decision to go to war.

By the way, their album “Castaways and Cutouts” probably looks familiar to most people in the BitTorrent community.

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