The World’s Scariest Anti-Piracy Video

Anti-piracy PSAs are designed to instill a certain amount of fear into pirates so they see the error of their ways and start spending money. From the thoroughly frightening guys at FAST, this is the scariest one – EVER.

Thanks to their “grass hotline” which is used by people trying to get revenge on former employers and businesses they hate, the UK’s Federation Against Software Theft is able to gain intelligence on companies with under-licensed software.

After paying the informer, FAST then turn up on the doorsteps of supposedly errant companies warning that unless large ‘fines’ are paid then things will definitely get a lot worse.

Critics compare this strategy to extortion, FAST argue that their tactics are legal and appropriate.

Here is FAST’s latest promo video. It’s really really scary, so don’t turn the lights out.


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