Robbie Williams’ Megaupload Coat “Doesn’t Imply Support” Says Manager

Robbie Williams got conversations going last month after wearing a “Megaupload” coat in his latest video. He did it again on live TV this weekend. But what does it mean? Williams’ manager speaks out.

UK rapper Dizzee Rascal and superstar Robbie Williams have teamed up for a single from Dizzee’s new album, “The Fifth”.

The song, called ‘Goin Crazy’, shows the pair driving round London’s East End in mobility scooters in the style of The Who’s movie, Quadrophenia.

The video generated quite a lot of interest in the file-sharing community, not because it was being shared on The Pirate Bay, but due to Williams wearing a coat with a huge ‘MEGAUPLOAD’ painted on the back.


This weekend, even though he had every opportunity NOT to wear it, Williams donned the jacket again for a live performance on the BBC’s The Voice.

However, apparently having the name of one of the world’s most famous file-sharing sites emblazoned on Williams’ clothes doesn’t imply an endorsement from the singer.

“Wearing an item of clothing with a logo on it doesn’t imply support,” Williams’ manager Tim Clark told MusicWeek. “I have a Guinness t-shirt and never drink the stuff.”

Coming up next: Barack Obama in an Edward Snowden hoodie.


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