TorrentFreak welcomes Mathias

TorrentFreak was pretty much a one man thing, but that’s about to change. I would like to introduce you to Mathias Hellsten, our new contributer from Sweden.

Why? Well there are a couple of reasons. First of all, I thought it would be nice to have an insider reporting from pirate-loving Sweden. So Mathias will mostly report on the developments in the Swedish Pirate Party, the Piratebay case, and keep us updated on other noteworthy developments in Sweden.

But even more important, he is a great writer.

Mathias Hellsten is a 27 years old Swede from Stockholm. He worked as a reporter for a local newspaper a few years back. Currently, he spends some time as a local lead for the Pirate Party in his area of residence.

This fall he will start a fulltime study. In the meanwhile he does freelance copywriting and translating jobs on a basis. Earlier this year Mathias started the blog Maskilim (down for restructuring) together with a friend, this blog focuses on the middle east. Meanwhile I am occasionally writing for the Swedish blog al-hamatzav which covers Mid-East issues. As some might know, he is also the brain behind Piracy Unlimited as well as Boxbreaker, his Swedish language blog on general political questions, mainly Swedish politics.

Mathias is a fan of open source and p2p and he knows how to put his thoughts on these issues on paper.

Welcome Mathias!


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