TorrentFreak’s US Censorship ‘Mistake’ Article, Censored by ‘Mistake’

censoredWhere would we be without censorship?

Last year we ran a piece on a mistake by the US authorities, which shut down 84,000 websites for alleged child pornography crimes.

Ironically enough, this article is now censored by a porn outfit.

Paper Street Cash, LLC, the proud owners of included the piece in a list of 555 URLs that are allegedly infringing on their rights.

The list was sent to Google and all URLs are now de-indexed by Google.

A mistake of course, since the article in question is totally unrelated to

We assume that some automated keyword searcher picked up our article, and that it was indeed a mistake, but conspiracy theories are not excluded.

Luckily we’re in good company as a key SOPA/PIPA post from Techdirt was taken down as well.

Long live the DMCA!

Update: A few seconds after we published this post, we learned that Google reversed the ban after an expedited review. While this is great news for us, it’s also an exception to the rule.

Update: A quick calculation reveals that we suffered thousands of dollars in damages. We’re considering legal steps to resolve the matter.


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