Torrentspy tells the MPAA to sue Google

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Torrentspy, one of the biggest BitTorrent search engines, filed a "motion to dismiss" the lawsuit initiated by the MPAA a month ago. Torrentspy is accused of "supporting" copyright infringement. However, torrentspy reacted to these accusations saying that everything they do, Google can do to... and even better.

In the motion to dismiss (coralized pdf) Torrentspy states:

“everything alleged about defendants’ website (torrentspy) is true about Google, and even more so, because Google outperforms the allegations in the complaint. Plaintiffs’ (MPAA) factually empty and broadbrush categorical accusations are like mud that covers all distinctions.”

This is absolutely true, just try the “filetype:torrent” command and Google helps you to find all the copyrighted stuff you need. Moreover, torrentspy always removes links to copyrighted material if the copyright owners ask them to, try that at google!

Torrentspy restructured their directory listing just a couple of days after the complaint was filed by the MPAA. They removed the (possibly infringement promoting??) categories like DVD-screener, Telecine and Cam and replaced it with a more general “video” category.

Officially this change was to make navigating through the site easier, but in fact it makes it harder. However, it’s probably a wise step with a possible lawsuit on the way.


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