, formerly known as, was the most popular BitTorrent meta-search engine, indexing torrent sites such as KickassTorrents, BTjunkie and The Pirate Bay.

The site was ranked in the top 5 of all BitTorrent sites according to statistics from Alexa. It didn’t offer any downloads on the site but pointed to external torrent sources instead.

Torrentz had a community of more than a million users and lists “verified” torrents on the frontpage.

Here is what happened to Torrentz and why it’s no longer available.

Torrentz shut down in 2016 after being in operation for more than 13 years. The site operator, Flippy, never explained in detail why he took this sudden decision. We do know however that the shutdown was voluntary and the Torrentz domain wasn’t seized or taken over.

Soon after said farewell, the unrelated took over.
Founded: July 24, 2003
Founder: Flippy
Closed: August 4, 2016

torrentz search homepage

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