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The latest version of the "social" BitTorrent client Tribler integrates BitTorrent with YouTube while offering the best of both worlds: ease of use, browsing with thumbnails, HDTV quality, and Video on Demand support. The client uses an recommendation system to suggest what you might enjoy.

After you’ve downloaded a few files the application should know if you are the Madonna type or more a Britney person. Moreover, it is the first P2P system which has merged online friends and a sense of community without using any central server. Tribler also runs on a Linux set-top box and is expected to hit the shops before the end of this year.

After a long weekend of testing we gave a thumbs-up and wish the development team many more releases. Not all BitTorrent users see the need for all these extra functionalities (I still prefer uTorrent), but those who do should definitely try Tribler.

Some of the features of Tribler which set it apart from other BitTorrent clients are:

  • Easy downloading: Moves P2P beyond keyword search, YouTube grid of thumbnails
  • Recommendation and Friends: See what other people like, related files, find person with the same taste
  • Video on Demand: When the download is on its way, you can use the integrated video player to start watching ASAP
  • Wealth of content: Search both BitTorrent, Youtube, and Liveleak for content
  • Yes, we are probably a little biased! This is made-in-Holland, which means a part of the tax money I paid went to Tribler because the project is state funded.

    Here is a screenshot of the file view with Youtube-like thumbnail grid. You can download download Tribler V4.0 here.

    tribler 4


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