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The 10 most downloaded DVDrips on BitTorrent, "The Messengers" tops the chart for the second week in a row.

We do not link to actual torrent files for obvious reasons. The data is collected by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only.

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As of May 20, 2007…

Ranking (last week) Movie
1 (1) The Messengers
2 (3) Epic movie
3 (new) Stomp The Yard
4 (2) Hannibal Rising
5 (4) Apocalypto
6 (new) 88 Minutes
7 (5) White Noise 2: The Light
8 (new) Norbit
9 (back) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
10 (new) The Last Legion


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