UK Government Reconsiders Web Blacklist

In an attempt to crackdown on Internet piracy and ‘illicit’ file-sharing, the UK Government planned to force ISPs to block sites that facilitate copyright infringement.

As part of the Digital Economy Act this legislation would introduce a commercial censorship policy, similar to those that were introduced in New Zealand and Australia last year.

However, the BBC reports today that this plan might not go through.

“The decision to review it follows a raft of complaints about the workablility of the legislation.”

Among the questions that are raised are:

* Is it possible for access to the site to be blocked by internet service providers?

* How robust would such a block be?

* Can specific parts of the site be blocked?

* What would it cost ISPs to implement such blocks?

A Guide to the Digital Economy Act
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s Press Release


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