Why Do You Pirate? A Database of Reasons

There are many reasons why people may choose to access their media through file-sharing networks and services and a new website is aiming to collect them all.

Pourquoi Je Pirate (Why I Pirate) is a French language site (easily understandable with Google translate) which is attempting to collect every reason why someone might be tempted to pirate content instead of buy it.

Currently there are nearly 1000 entries in the database and while some are well-worn (“Because every time I buy a DVD, a warning message informs me that I could have the same DVD for free earlier, ad-free and without DRM”) others are less predictable.

The French language site is available here, Google translated version here, and the top reasons (easiest to view) are found here.

No sign of a dedicated English language version yet, maybe one will appear….


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