Will.i.am Accused of Stealing Arty and Mat Zo’s ‘Rebound’

Lost of music genres wouldn’t exist without sampling, but too much sampling often sets bad blood.

Today Will.i.am appears to be in trouble.

A few hours ago he released his track “Let’s go” on YouTube. A track that sounds an awful lot like Arty and Mat Zo’s ‘Rebound’.

On Twitter Arty says that the rights were never cleared and that the sample was taken from the master file.

Record label Anjunabeats says it’s looking into the matter, while the other end of the dispute remains silent for now.

It looks like this is a lawsuit waiting to happen, which will probably be settled in a few days for a bag of cash.

For those who are interested in the intriguing world of sampling and remixing, “RiP: A remix manifesto” is a must-see.


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