Exploring the Legal Basis for the New ‘Pirate’ Proxy War

This week, police took unprecedented action by shutting down proxies facilitating access to torrent sites blocked in the UK. With the surprise arrest of the sites' alleged operator leaving people scratching heads, TorrentFreak decided to find out what emboldened police to go after sites that neither carry nor link to…

Blocking Pirate Bay is Not Censorship, IFPI Chief Says

The CEO of the IFPI in Austria has been defending his group's attempts to have The Pirate Bay and other torrent sites blocked by local ISPs. Franz Medwenitsch says that using the word "blocking" in these situations is wrong and defending copyright by disabling access to websites does not amount…

Domain Registrars Deny Police Requests to Suspend Pirate Sites

Domain name suspension requests sent by City of London Police to registrars are not being met with cooperation in a majority of cases. New information obtained through a Freedom of Information request reveals that a total of 70 requests were denied, with just five being granted.

BTindex Exposes IP-Addresses of BitTorrent Users

The newly launched torrent search engine BTindex crawls BitTorrent's DHT network for new files. It's a handy service, but one that comes with a controversial twist. In addition to listing hundreds of thousands of magnet links, it also exposes the IP-addresses of BitTorrent users to the rest of the world.

Hollywood Hits Popcorn Time But Leaves the Mega Rich Alone

The MPAA recently fired shots across the bows of Popcorn Time forks by having their projects removed from Github. But what if a bigger and more advanced project existed, one with impressive extra features and impossible to monitor downloads? Following a $500,000 investment last year, it seems Hollywood is leaving…

Police Arrest Operator of Torrent Site Proxies

With help from Hollywood, City of London Police have arrested the alleged operator of Immunicity and a range of torrent site proxies. The 20-year-old man was questioned at a local police station, and pending further investigation was released on bail.

Hollywood Director: Abusing Staff Can Lead to Movie Leaks

Outspoken movie director Lexi Alexander says that movie leaks, such as the recent one involving The Expendables 3, can happen as a result of directors and producers abusing their assistants. In a move further likely to irritate her Hollywood overlords, Alexander suggests that a high-security leaking mechanism could help to…

UK Police Take Down Proxy Service Over Piracy Concerns

Continuing its attacks on piracy-related domains, the UK Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has shut down the proxy service Immunicity and several torrent site proxies. The domain names have "seized" by the police and now display a banner warning that the police are investigating the matter.

OVH Slapped with $188m Lawsuit for Passing on “Pirate” Traffic

OVH, a French hosting company with datacenters all around the world, has been sued for copyright infringement at a federal court in California. The complaint filed by adult magazine publisher Perfect 10 accuses the hosting provider of servicing several "pirate" websites as well as allowing infringing traffic to pass through…

Stallone “Sad” at Expendables 3 Leak But Kellan Lutz Upbeat

As the fallout from the leak of The Expendables 3 continues, stars of the movie have been speaking out on the red carpet in advance of its world premiere in London. While Sylvester Stallone expressed sadness at the leak, Kellan Lutz was more upbeat, predicting that Internet pirates would still…

Sky TV Bans ‘VPN’ Ads on Copyright Grounds

A series of ads created by a New Zealand-based ISP has been rejected by Sky TV on copyright grounds. The ban on the ads, which contain references to a VPN-like service providing access to geo-blocked content such as Netflix, has been decried as "unjustified and petty" by ISP Slingshot.

Lionsgate Fights Expendables 3 Piracy With Thousands of Takedowns

Lionsgate is doing everything it can to contain the fallout from the Expendables 3 leak. The movie studio has sent thousands of takedown requests to various web services. In addition, the company has asked a California federal court for an ex parte restraining order against the six file-sharing sites it…