UK ISPs Agree to Send Out Music & Movie Piracy Warnings

The music and movie industries and several of the UK's leading ISPs have reached terms on a deal to tackle Internet piracy. The arrangement will see the BPI and MPA monitoring people sharing files illegally and the ISPs sending them "escalating" warning letters.

Google Blocks Demonoid for Spreading Malicious Software

In one of the harshest moves a search engine can take against a site, during the past few hours Google flagged torrent site Demonoid as likely to harm users' computers. After arriving at the conclusion that malicious third-party ads had caused the problem, Demonoid responded by disabling every single advert…

Alleged $32 Million UFC Pirate Speaks Out

Last week Zuffa launched a huge $32 million lawsuit against 'Secludedly', a person said to have uploaded more than 120 UFC shows online. Today, TorrentFreak speaks with Steven Messina, the guy named by Zuffa in its biggest piracy lawsuit yet. Messina's in the red corner, weighing in with spare change…

Dad Faces Massive Fine for Pirating Bambi, Lion King, and More

A Belgian man risks a fine of 37,714 euros ($52,550) for sharing movies, music and games on a forum. The 39-year-old shared several Disney classics including Bambi, Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmatians and The Lion King for his kids, and claims he saw no harm in his activities.

Dotcom Heads to Supreme Court to Appeal Raid Decision

The argument over whether or not the raid on Kim Dotcom's mansion back in January 2012 was legal is heading to the highest court in New Zealand. Yesterday the Supreme Court gave Dotcom permission to appeal a February Court of Appeal ruling that overturned an earlier High Court decision that…

Pirate Party Launches Senate Petition to Fight Site Blocking

Yesterday news broke that the Australian government will soon consider the introduction of a graduated response style anti-piracy regime on top of court-ordered website blocking. Just 24 hours later and the PIrate Party are fighting back with a Senate petition opposing such measures and describing them as ineffective.

Aussie Govt. To Consider Site Blocking, File-Sharing Warnings

As early as this week the Australian Government will consider a pair of measures designed to crack down on the consumption of unauthorized content online. In addition to sending out warning letters to alleged file-sharers, new legislation will allow for 'pirate' sites such as The Pirate Bay to be blocked…