News Corp Wants Google to Implement Anti-Piracy Algorithms

Following in the footsteps of the movie and music industries, media conglomerate News Corp is now going after Google over the copyright infringement issue. Chief executive Robert Thomson urges Google to change its algorithms to demote and remove pirated content, to stop the ever increasing piracy rates.

Popcorn Time For Music Really Has To Be Pretty Epic

Popcorn Time for movies really shook things up earlier this year, so a comparable product for free music would also be huge, right? Well actually one exists already but it's just not having the same kind of impact. While pirates once easily had the upper hand with music, competing with…

MPAA: Consumer Right to Resell Online Videos Would Kill Innovation

The MPAA is concerned that innovation in the film industry will be ruined if consumers get the right to resell movies and other media purchased online. Responding to discussions in a congressional hearing this week, the MPAA warns that this move would limit consumer choices and kill innovation.

How Kim Dotcom’s $5m Whistleblower Bounty Will Work

Kim Dotcom is pulling out all the stops in his fight against the U.S. government and his adversaries in Hollywood. On the table now sits a $5 million bounty for anyone prepared to reveal behind-the-scenes wrongdoing and corruption. Dotcom told TorrentFreak how it will work. Domain “Hijacked” – Or Was It?

The domain of a large streaming TV show site was hijacked yesterday and began diverting to an imposter site. That's the claim from, a site that in its previous form had been riding up towards the Alexa 1000. But is the real story as straightforward as that? Typically of…

Piracy Takedown Notices Increase E-Book Sales, Research Finds

Takedown notices for pirated books can be quite effective in some cases, new research shows. The extensive study reveals that these anti-piracy measures can increase e-book sales by 15 percent. Other book formats are unaffected, and interestingly the results also indicate that lesser-known authors may benefit from piracy.

Pirates Like Streaming, But Don’t Completely Abandon Ship

A survey into the movie and TV show consumption habits of Danish citizens has revealed an interesting trend. While streaming service subscriptions are up 40% over the previous year and are credited with reducing piracy by 7% in the same period, the number of people still engaging in illegal downloading…

Pirate Bay Founder’s Computer Was “Hacked,” Investigation Reveals

Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm remains in custody on suspicion of hacking into the mainframe computers of a Danish IT company. However, new evidence made public during the most recent court hearing shows that Svartholm's computer had been compromised, giving credence to the defense's claim that someone else carried out…

MPAA Strikes Anti-Piracy Deal With Torrent Client Creator

The company behind the world's most popular torrent client has struck an anti-piracy deal with the MPAA. Xunlei, a company backed by Google, will implement a content recognition system, ensure that MPAA content is properly licensed, and educate users on the effects of online copyright infringement.