VPN Services Consider Leaving Canada to Protect Customer Privacy

Last week Canada enacted an amendment to its copyright law which requires Internet services to retain access logs of customers in order to process piracy notices. This mandatory data retention puts the privacy of VPN users at risk, and as a result Canadian providers are considering pulling out of the…

Google Porn Takedowns Carpet Bomb Github

An anti-piracy company has caused Google to wrongfully remove dozens of Github project URLs. Acting on behalf of a porn company, Takedown Piracy asked the search giant to remove links to several projects including those owned by Facebook, Netflix, Yahoo and openSUSE.

PirateSnoop Browser Unblocks Torrent Sites

As the battle to block user access to the world's largest torrent sites continues, another website has stepped up to battle censorship. RARBG, one of the most-used torrent sites on the Internet, has just launched PirateSnoop, a free web browser designed to easily skirt web blockades.

TVTorrents.com Shuts Down For Good

One of the oldest torrent sites on the Internet has permanently closed its doors. The private torrent tracker TVTorrent.com shut down due to "recent events," leaving a large community of dedicated users behind.

First 3D Camcorder Piracy Case: Student on Trial

Billed as the first case of its kind, a man has gone on trial in the UK accused of attempting to camcord the movie 'Gravity' in full 3D. The 28-year-old film student allegedly constructed a rig using a pair of hi-def cameras but was thwarted when cinema staff spotted and…

Top Torrent Trackers All Return Online

The Pirate Bay raid and various technical issues have caused headaches for the three of the largest BitTorrent trackers over the past month, but all have now returned. This means that all torrents should be running smoothly again, dozens of millions of users per day.

Dotcom’s Wife Not Entitled to 50% of Seized Assets, U.S. Argues

A claim by Kim Dotcom's estranged wife Mona against 50% of assets seized following the raid on Megaupload should be rejected, the U.S. Government says. Dismissing her interests in the property as "inchoate and murky", the U.S. insists that Mona should get nothing.

Google Asked to Remove 345 Million “Pirate” Links in 2014

Copyright holders asked Google to remove more than 345,000,000 allegedly infringing links from its search engine in 2014. The staggering number is an increase of 75% compared to the year before. While Google has taken some steps to downrank pirate sites, the rate at which takedown notices are sent continues…

Dozens of Pirate Bays Isn’t Necessarily a Pirate’s Dream

The Pirate Bay had only been down for a matter of hours following a police raid when replacements and clones started appearing online. But while having dozens of copies of the site might sound like a good idea to some, this represents a dilution of the site and its image…

Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2015

Making a list of the world’s most-visited torrent sites has been a long-standing tradition at TF, which we continue today. At the start of 2015 KickassTorrents is pulling in most traffic followed by Torrentz. File-sharing icon The Pirate Bay is currently down, but gets a mention thanks to a popular…