Steal This Show S01E03: Solving Piracy?


Today we bring you the third episode of the Steal This Show podcast, discussing the latest file-sharing and copyright news. In this episode we talk with entertainment industry insiders about geoblocking, ISPs’ liability for pirating subscribers, the use of search engines to regulate piracy and more

Pirate Bay Founder Builds The Ultimate Piracy Machine


Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde served his prison sentence last year but still owes the entertainment industries millions in damages. Some might think that he's learned his lesson, but with a newly built copying machine he's generating millions of extra 'damages,' which might be worth a mention in the Guinness…

U.S. Govt. Targets Torrent Sites and Other Piracy Havens

The US Government has pinpointed some of the largest piracy websites and other copyright infringing venues. The USTR calls on foreign countries to take action against popular piracy sites such as KickassTorrents, as well as Canadian domain registrar Rebel and Swiss hosting service Private Layer.

UK Movie Pirates Sentenced to a Total of 17 Years

Five men who released thousands of movies onto the Internet have been handed sentences totaling more than 17 years. The men, all from the UK and members of release groups including 26K, RemixHD, DTRG and RESISTANCE, were accused of "putting at risk" more than £52m in Hollywood revenues.

BitTorrent Spy Tool Aims to Reduce Company File-Sharing

A new report has revealed how companies across a range of industries are participating in BitTorrent file-sharing networks. Educational establishments come out on top with close to 60% participation alongside more than a quarter in the government and political space. Luckily the company behind the report has a solution. Operator Sentenced to 40 Months in Prison

A former operator of, Germany's largest pirate streaming site, has been sentenced to three years and four months in prison for his involvement in the site. Despite the conviction the streaming site remains operational, as the two main operators are still on the run.

Popcorn Time Fork Goes Dark After MPAA Hounds Developers

The MPAA has not yet given up its fight against Popcorn Time. The movie industry group is reportedly going after a group of developers who launched a "Community Edition" of the popular application. While the new fork has yet to throw in the towel, they've taken down their website and…