Of Course Atlus Hit RPCS3’s Patreon Page Over Persona 5


Many gamers are disappointed that game developer Atlus targeted the Patreon page of the RPCS3 emulator with a DMCA notice yesterday. The RPCS3 team had heavily promoted the fact that their emulator could run the frankly brilliant title Persona 5, something which seriously excited fans of the console-only game. But really, is anyone genuinely surprised at Atlus' actions?

TVAddons and ZemTV Operators Named in US Lawsuit

Dish Network has identified the people behind the TVAddons website and the ZemTV Kodi addon. The company submitted an amended complaint in a Texas District Court where the two stand accused of copyright infringement. TVAddons, however, maintains its innocence and sees the case as a threat to online innovation.

Cryptocurrency Miner Targeted by Anti-Virus and Adblock Tools


This month, The Pirate Bay successfully propelled the idea of a Javascript-based cryptocurrency miner to a mainstream public. While many sites are now experimenting with the new revenue model, possible abuse has also drawn the attention of ad-blockers and anti-virus tools. Coinhive, the company behind the miner, hopes that it can reverse this trend.

Julia Reda MEP Likened to Nazi in Sweeping Anti-Pirate Rant


Julia Reda MEP has been targeted in an extremely controversial article published by musician and industry activist David Lowery. In a piece titled 'Why is it Every Time We Turn Over a Pirate Rock White Nationalists, Nazi’s and Bigots Scurry Out?', Lowery suggests that Reda's complaints over copyright restrictions on Anne Frank's Diary are based out of a far-right agenda.

Canadian ISP Bell Calls For Pirate Site Blacklist in NAFTA Hearing


In order to make the NAFTA trade agreement "work better", Bell, Canada's largest telecommunications company, is recommending that the Government commits to stronger intellectual property enforcement. The company envisions a system where all ISPs are required to block access to pirate sites, without court intervention.

Peru Authorities Shut Down First ‘Pirate’ Websites, Three Arrested


Authorities in Peru have shut down the country's leading 'pirate' websites. With a focus on Spanish language content, Pelis24 (Movies24) and Series24 were popular across all of South America. The sites are now offline following arrests and domain seizures, the first of their type to be carried out in Peru.