Police: File-Sharing Cases Dominate Sweden IP Complaints

To a background of legal services gaining traction, it appears that Sweden still has a problem with unauthorized downloads. Figures released by national police indicate that three quarters of intellectual property complaints relate to file-sharing, with a new complaint being filed with authorities every three days.

Netflix Blocks IPv6 Tunnels Over Geo-Unblocking Fears

After taking action against people using VPNs and proxies, Netflix is engaged in enhanced efforts to stop users accessing geo-blocked content. According to several reports, Netflix is now blocking users who use IPv4 to IPv6 tunnel brokers, even when doing so legitimately.

uTorrent Forums Hacked, Passwords Compromised

The uTorrent community forums have been hacked, exposing the private details of hundreds of thousands of users. The hackers were able to get their hands on the user database, and a warning issued by the software maker says that passwords should be considered compromised.

Takedown, Staydown Would Be a Disaster, Internet Archive Warns


The Internet Archive has issued its sternest warning yet over proposed changes to the DMCA. The Archive says that 'Notice and Staydown' would be an "absolute disaster" for the Internet that would trample due process, promote user monitoring, censorship, and have First Amendment implications.

RIAA Fails to Take Down Pirate Bay Domain, For Now

The RIAA has sent a formal letter to the Public Interest Registry, asking it to suspend Pirate Bay's .ORG domain. The registry hasn't complied with the request but has forwarded it to Pirate Bay's registrar EasyDNS who insist the domain will stay up. So the question now is will the RIAA take the matter to court?

YouTuber Sued Over Stanley Kubrick Movies Analysis

A YouTube user who creates video essays has been hit with a punishing lawsuit after selecting Stanley Kubrick as a subject matter and uploading his work to YouTube. UK-based Lewis Bond from Channel Criswell is being targeted by the music publishers behind the 1971 classic 'A Clockwork Orange' who want huge damages for willful infringement.

Copyright Group: Hypocrite .ORG Registry Should Ban The Pirate Bay

A coalition of prominent copyright holders including Disney, 20th Century Fox, NBC Universal and Viacom are pressuring the U.S. based .ORG domain registry to take action against The Pirate Bay. The Copyright Alliance is shocked that the registry allows the notorious torrent site to operate freely and wants the domain name offline. The TPB-team, meanwhile, is not impressed with the pressure and notes that the movement is much more than a domain name.