When a Big Torrent Site Dies, Some Hope it Will Be Right Back


ExtraTorrent bit the dust last month alongside a warning from its operator to stay away from copycat sites. But despite this clear message and reiterations all around, a hard core of former users couldn't shake the belief that one of the new sites was actually the real deal. Some people, it seems, just can't accept that a relationship is over.

Torrents Help Researchers Worldwide to Study Babies’ Brains


Researchers from three leading British institutions are using BitTorrent to share over 150 GB of unique high-resolution brain scans of unborn babies with colleagues worldwide. Using the popular file-sharing protocol is a "no-brainer," according to a Research Associate, who says that dealing with people's misconceptions toward torrents was one of the biggest challenges.

How NAGRA Fights Kodi and IPTV Piracy

Content security outfit NAGRA has long been involved in the anti-piracy business. More recently the company has become involved in tackling the online streaming phenomenon, with a focus on piracy carried out via augmented Kodi setups and illicit IPTV. TorrentFreak caught up with the company to find out more.

Hollywood Sees Illegal Streaming Devices as ‘Piracy 3.0’

After hunting down torrent sites for more than a decade, Hollywood now has a more complex piracy threat to deal with. According to the Motion Picture Association, illegal streaming devices can be seen as "Piracy 3.0," offering a Netflix-like experience to consumers, but without rightsholders getting paid.

New “Out of Control” Denuvo Piracy Protection Cracked

The new Denuvo system 'protecting' the game 'RiME' has been defeated in less than a week. This is notable, not least since the developers promised to remove Denuvo if it was cracked. Furthermore, a report from the cracker suggests that an apparently desperate Denuvo pulled out all the stops to protect RiME, but still failed.

FUNimation Targets ‘Pirate’ Streaming Site KissAnime

Anime distributor FUNimation has obtained a DMCA subpoena from a federal court in Texas, hoping to unmask part of a massive pirate streaming operation. The target is associated with the popular anime streaming site KissAnime and uses cloud provider DigitalOcean and Google's server to distribute copyright infringing content.

EU Piracy Filter Proposals Being Sabotaged Says MEP Julia Reda

Member of the European Parliament Julia Reda has warned that efforts are underway to sabotage the Parliamentary process relating to the EU's plans for mandatory piracy filtering. The Pirate Party member says there's now just over a week to protest against an 'alternative compromise' text that makes current plans look "tame".

The Pirate Bay Remains Resilient, 11 Years After The Raid


Eleven years ago today The Pirate Bay was raided by Swedish police. While the entertainment industries hoped that this would be a great victory, they inadvertently helped to develop one of the most resilient websites on the Internet. With major torrent sites shutting down left and right, TPB remains on top.