Free Music Streaming Site Revives Grooveshark Magic, And More


StreamSquid is a new service which allows users to stream music for free, using legal services such as YouTube and Soundcloud as a backbone. The streaming platform has an intuitive user interface that allows people to discover new music and manage their own playlists. As an added bonus, former Grooveshark…

Bogus “Copyright Trademark” Complaint Fails to Censor the BBC

Using copyright to censor online content may have been a successful strategy in years gone by. But these days, thanks to Google's Transparency Report and the Chilling Effects Clearing House, weak attempts to erase legitimate reporting are much more easily spotted - especially when they target a giant like the…

CloudFlare Forced to Censor Anti-Censorship Site

A few weeks ago the RIAA obtained a preliminary injunction requiring Cloudflare to terminate services to all domains that use "Grooveshark" in their name. As a result, the popular CDN service was forced to disconnect "," a site specifically set up to protest overbroad censorship. However, the trouble wasn't all…

“Petty Hollywood” Stops Pirate Admin From Going Home


A man faced with paying the world's largest movie studios millions of dollars in piracy-related damages says that Hollywood wants to stop him returning to his home country. Following a recent judgment Dimitri Mader owes more than $17m to various rightsholders but now faces a complex and uncertain future.

Pirate Bay Founders Acquitted in Criminal Copyright Case

Four key Pirate Bay figures have a little something to celebrate this morning. After standing accused of committing criminal copyright infringement and abusing electronic communications, yesterday a Belgian court acquitted Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde and Carl Lundström.

Bitcoin Bounties Aim to Turn Pirates Into Snitches


Due to its decentralized nature, Bitcoin has often been mentioned in the same breath as BitTorrent in recent years. Now, a solution being touted by a technology company sees the virtual currency being used to track movie and music leaks by turning pirates into paid snitches.

MPAA Wants to Kill Domain Name Privacy, For Some

The MPAA has submitted its comments in response to a new ICANN proposal that may expose website owners who registered their domains through WHOIS privacy protection services. According to the Hollywood group it is essential that operators of "illegal" sites can be revealed without a subpoena or court order.