‘US Should Include Fair Use and Safe Harbors in NAFTA Negotiations’


The Re:Create Coalition is offering a strong counter view to recent demands from copyright groups, urging the US to add strong copyright protections to the NAFTA negotiations. The coalition argues that if strong copyright enforcement is a central issue, fair use and safe harbor protections should be included as well, to maintain a proper balance.

Torrentz Shut Down A Year Ago, But The Name Lives On


Today, exactly one year ago, Torrentz.eu decided to throw in the towel. After operating its popular torrent meta-search engine for more than 13 years, the site suddenly 'wiped' its entire results index. Millions of people were left without their favorite torrent site but a year later, the Torrentz brand is still very much alive.

ESET Tries to Scare People Away From Using Torrents


IT security company ESET has published a rather curious article which portrays the use of BitTorrent as a security threat. Noting that merely downloading a torrent client could "infect your machine and irreversibly damage your files", the piece focuses on a pair of rare incidents to present an overall climate of fear. The reality is much more nuanced.

Court Won’t Drop Case Against Alleged KickassTorrents Owner

An Illinois federal court has denied a motion to dismiss the criminal case against alleged KickassTorrents owner Artem Vaulin. Among other things, the defense argued that torrent files themselves are not copyrighted content. The court decided, however, that the US Government's case is strong enough, so it will move forward.

Next Game of Thrones Episode Leaks Online Early

HBO is doing its best to limit Game of Thrones piracy, but despite their efforts the fourth episode of the current season has leaked early. A few hours ago, a pirated copy started circulating across various file-sharing and streaming sites. The leak appears to be an internal copy, carrying a watermark of "Star India."