Denuvo Properly Cracked, “Rise of the Tomb Raider” First Victim

Denuvo is the daddy of all gaming anti-piracy systems so when several protected titles appeared online this weekend, excitement was high. Shortly after, however, the loophole was closed. Now the champagne corks are popping again, with the first clear evidence that at least one iteration of Denuvo has been properly cracked.

Nintendo Takes Down Fan-Made Metroid 2 Remake


Thirty years ago, Nintendo released its action-adventure game Metroid on the Famicom platform. This Saturday, to coincide with the anniversary, a group of game makers pooled their resources and released their AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) game, for free. In response, Nintendo sent in the lawyers.

KickassTorrents Domain Goes Up for Sale


One of the main domains associated with the now-defunct KickassTorrents website has gone up for sale. Registered with the same Costa Rican registry as the site's main domain, is available via the SEDO marketplace for a minimum bid of $230.

Ninjavideo Uploader Featured on Interpol’s “Wanted” Criminals List


Half a decade after the U.S. Government took down the popular video piracy site Ninjavideo, one of the key defendants is still at large. The landmark case resulted in several prison sentences and the authorities haven't given up on catching the last suspect either, who's now featured on Interpol's list of wanted criminals.

Torrentz Gone, KAT Down, Are Torrent Giants Doomed to Fall?


Over the past couple of weeks, two of the largest torrent sites on the Internet shut down. After KickassTorrents was shut down by the U.S. Government, meta-search engine also said farewell yesterday. Looking back over the years, they are not the only torrent giants to have fallen.

Noisia Handle Their Album Leak Without Blaming Fans


Every artist on the planet is prone to having their music leaked in advance of its commercial release and of course that's a real headache for all involved. Last week it happened to Drum and Bass legends Noisia but instead of going off the deep-end, the trio managed the problem and even managed to slip in some humor.