Coalition Against Piracy Wants Singapore to Block Streaming Piracy Software


The recently-formed Coalition Against Piracy, which counts Disney, Fox, Sony, HBO, NBCUniversal, BBC Worldwide and the Premier League among its members, is demanding greater action against illicit streaming. The powerful group has called on the government in Singapore to not only block 'pirate' streaming software but also unlicensed streams from entering the country.

Digital Rights Groups Warn Against Copyright “Parking Tickets” Bill


The recently introduced CASE Act proposes to establish a small claims board for copyright holders, providing them with a cheaper legal option than the Federal Court. While the bill aims to help smaller copyright holders, it poses a threat to legally unsophisticated targets and a potential breeding ground for copyright trolls, digital rights groups warn.

Could a Single Copyright Complaint Kill Your Domain?


Earlier this week we reported how a Canada-based mashup site had its domain suspended following a copyright complaint filed by music group IFPI. Today we can put some meat on the bones, revealing how a single unproven allegation disabled an entire site, without its operators even having a chance to respond.

Google Says It Can’t Filter Pirated Content Proactively


Various music industry groups want Google to implement proactive anti-piracy measures to deal with constantly reappearing links to infringing content in search results. The demand isn't new, but this week Google's President of EMEA Business & Operations reiterated that such proactive measures are "just not possible."

New Piracy Scaremongering Video Depicts ‘Dangerous’ Raspberry Pi


A new scaremongering video from the Digital Citizens Alliance is once again warning people that so-called 'Illicit Streaming Devices' are terribly evil. Sadly, on top of the usual propaganda, the Hollywood-funded group depicts a Raspberry Pi as a "disreputable device", one that can expose users to malware, ID theft, financial loss, and ransomware.

Epic Games Settles First Copyright Case Against Fortnite Cheater

Game developer and publisher Epic has settled one of its copyright lawsuits against cheaters. Both parties agreed on a permanent injunction which, if breached, will cost the cheater $5,000 in damages. In a separate case, Epic also responded to a letter sent by the mother of a 14-year-old offender that made headlines in recent days.

Seven Years of Hadopi: Nine Million Piracy Warnings, 189 Convictions


French anti-piracy agency Hadopi has just released its latest results revealing that since its inception, nine million piracy warnings have been sent to citizens. Since the launch of the graduated response regime in 2010, more than 2,000 cases have been referred to prosecutors, resulting in 189 criminal convictions. But with new forms of piracy under the spotlight, there's still plenty to be done.