“Large Scale” Music Pirate Settles With BREIN For 10,000 Euros

A pirate who uploaded large volumes of music to the Internet without permission has agreed to pay Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN 10,000 euros ($12,374) to avoid a lawsuit. Although the individual uploaded the content to the newsgroups, which are sometimes considered to be more secure, BREIN forced his Usenet provider to hand over his details, making it easy to track him down.

ISP Wants EU Court Ruling on Identifying ‘Pirating’ Subscribers


Swedish Internet service provider Bahnhof has appealed a ruling that requires the company to hand over subscriber data of alleged pirates to the police. Bahnhof maintains that this goes against EU regulations since piracy is not a 'serious crime'. The provider is therefore requesting an opinion from the EU Court of Justice on the matter.

Trump Promises Copyright Crackdown as DoJ Takes Aim at Streaming Pirates

President Trump says the US is "acting swiftly on intellectual property theft", noting that the country cannot "allow this to happen as it has for many years." Coincidentally, or not, a panel in Capitol Hill yesterday discussed the streaming box threat, with the MPAA revealing that the Department of Justice is looking at "a variety of candidates" for criminal action.

Fstoppers Uploaded a Brilliant Hoax ‘Anti-Piracy’ Tutorial to The Pirate Bay


Photography-focused site Fstoppers has revealed it poured considerable resources into 'pirating' one of its own video tutorials in order to send an anti-piracy message. Instead of a $300 instructional, the 25GB torrent uploaded to The Pirate Bay contains a somewhat hilarious tutorial which is clearly not what people have come to expect from the site.

Judge Issues Mixed Order in RIAA’s Piracy Case Against ISP Grande


ISP Grande Communications and the RIAA are continuing their fight in court. US Magistrate Judge Andrew Austin recommends dropping the infringement claims against Grande's management company and the vicarious infringement claim against the ISP itself. However, the request to dismiss the contributory infringement claim should be denied.

ACE Warns Kodi Addon Developer to Sign Settlement Agreement, Or Else

The MPA, Netflix, Amazon, and dozens of other content companies are ramping up the pressure on a third-party Kodi addon developer. Last year, JSergio123 was warned by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment to cease his activities and sign a confidential settlement agreement. He did not and now he's coming under pressure to comply. But what are ACE's demands?

Spotify Owned uTorrent Before BitTorrent Inc. Acquired It


As Spotify prepares to collect billions of dollars with a listing on the New York Stock exchange, a little-known fact about the company has emerged. The music streaming service, which had uTorrent developer Ludvig Strigeus as one of its early developers, was also the owner of the popular BitTorrent client for a while.