Giant Cyberlocker Morphs into New Anonymous Sharing Site


A giant cyberlocker that announced its closure amid a government piracy crackdown and other threats, will be born again. EX.UA says that its service will resume under a new domain and business model, with anonymous sharing of files of any size and format, with cloud streaming and other features to follow.

Steal This Show S02E08: Pirate Markets & Guerrilla Libraries

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Today we bring you the next episode of the Steal This Show podcast, discussing renegade media and the latest file-sharing and copyright news. In this episode, we talk to economist and piracy researcher Balázs Bodó, who currently works at the Institute for Information Law at the University of Amsterdam.

Research: Piracy ‘Warnings’ Fail to Boost Box Office Revenues

A new academic study shows that graduated response policies against file-sharers fail to boost box office revenues. The empirical research, which looked at the effects in various countries including the United States, suggests that these anti-piracy measures are not as effective as the movie studios had hoped.

First DVD Screener Leak of 2017 is Denzel Washington’s Fences

The leaked DVD screener drought has been broken with the release of the Denzel Washington movie Fences. The copy carries a Paramount Pictures "For Your Consideration" watermark. With more leaks said to be on the way, the group behind the leak informs TorrentFreak that they prefer not to brag about their achievement.

Cox’s Repeat Infringer Policy Was an Elaborate Sham, BMG Says

Music rights group BMG has filed its response to the $25 million damages appeal of Internet provider Cox Communications. According to BMG there is no reason to overturn the earlier verdict. Among other things, the company stresses that Cox's policy to terminate accounts of repeat infringers was an elaborate sham.

RightsAlliance Forces Ten-Year-Old Site to Delete All Torrents


A private tracker that has been plagued with all kinds of legal trouble over a decade has finally succumbed to copyright holder pressure. The Internationals weathered the storm of its owner being arrested four years ago but has just been forced to delete all of its torrents.