Netflix Disappears From MPAA’s ‘Legal’ Movie Search Engine


Less than two years ago the MPAA launched its search engine WhereToWatch, offering viewers a database of alternatives to piracy. However, those who try the search engine today will notice that results for Netflix, the largest entertainment platform in the United States, are no longer listed. Is there a feud…

Bitsoup Torrent Site Farce is Worse Than DRM


All Internet services need some kind of funding to survive and torrent sites are no exception. However, there is one site in the private tracker scene that's taking the "donation" model to such extremes that it would be completely at home in a Monty Python sketch. Not even the world's…

BPI Buys Up ‘Pirate’ Domains To Foil Pro-Piracy Activists


Internet pirates are a swarthy bunch that have been known to hijack anti-piracy projects to further their own aims. The BPI is aware of these kinds of efforts and has registered a whole heap of 'pirate' domains to avoid a similar fate befalling the UK's Get it Right From a…

Pirates Frustrated After TV Release Groups Swap .MP4 for .MKV

After years under a previous regime, several prominent Internet piracy groups have adopted a new set of TV-release standards. The rules will go into effect this weekend, but several groups have already made the switch, frustrating many bewildered pirates who must now play .MKV instead of .MP4 files.

38% of Young EU Internet Pirates See Nothing Wrong in Piracy


Young people are often the group most closely associated with consumption of illegal content yet the results of a new survey just published by the EU Intellectual Property Office paints them in a fairly reasonable light. While 38% of young European pirates see nothing wrong in piracy, just 5% exclusively…