60-Year-Old On Trial For Sharing 2,900 Songs Online

Yesterday we reported on the trial of a 15-year-old schoolboy from Sweden who was turned over to the police when his head teacher found movies on his hard drive.

Staying in Sweden, today we report on another file-sharing related trial, this time concerning someone old enough to be the 15-year-old’s grandfather.

In July 2009, the 60-year-old from Bälinge near Uppsala is said to have used Direct Connect to share around 2,900 songs.

This week he is on trial at the Uppsala District Court, a hearing which is being broadcast live by the youth division of the Pirate Party.

They are using Bambuser, a service which gained international exposure when it was used to transmit live video during the original Pirate Bay trial.

The 60-year-old man has reportedly admitted guilt, so this may well be an open and shut case.

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