BitTorrent extension for Firefox wins funding

Allpeers is a revolutionary Firefox extension that makes it possible to share pictures, music and video’s within Firefox. According to Red Herring allpeers has received a first round of funding from two venture capital firms that backed Skype.

Red Herring:“AllPeers co-founder and CEO Cedric Maloux declined to disclose the amount of funding from Mangrove Capital Partners and Index Ventures, but said it was less than $5 million,” says the story.

Maloux recently told p2pnet Allpeers will be open-source, and that the company would also release its own distinct end-user application built on the AllPeers platform.

“The service is and will remain free for sharing files in a private group,” promised Maloux. “Later, added-value services will be introduced. It’s like Skype: the VOIP service is free but SkypeOut, SkypeIn are not.”

Did that mean users can expect ads soon to be blotting the landscape?

Definitely not, Maloux continues, “there will be no advertising (banners or contextual text links or whatever) in the software.”

AllPeers is slated for beta-testing this month and Maloux, “maintained the software is to be used for the purposes of trading non-copyrighted material between friends and family. It will act as a BitTorrent client when multiple people want the same file by having them share pieces of it among each other.”

He also said the company, “would tell users they are not allowed to share copyrighted content but would not monitor their activities,” says Red Herring.


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