A Digg-like site for torrents

Social news has been a massive phenomenon with tens of millions of people using sites like Digg, Slashdot, reddit and Newsvine on a regular basis.

The concept of voting for stories or digging stories quickly spilled into other areas like software (iusethis.com) and Creative Commons music (CC Hits).

Torrop LogoNow, a social site for torrents has come into the limelight. It’s called Torrop and works in almost exactly the same way as digg, except that it indexes torrents not news. You can ‘submit a torrent’ and view activity on the site with the ‘sneak / spy’. The site sports common Web 2.0 features like RSS feeds and tags.

Apparently, it’s become very easy to build social, ‘digg-like’ sites thanks to the Pligg content management system. Pligg is Open Source and available for free download. Torrop is powered by Pligg.

Due to the large number of visits Digg has brought in over the last few hours, the main page at torrop.com is down. Luckily, you can still have a look at the Top Stories page.

Torrop's NewnessIt’s not clear when the site launched, but the date of the stories might be some indication. The no. 1 top story on the site at the moment was submitted 123 days ago. It’s titled “Testing this and I hope it works man!” and has this description: “This is a test n00b.” Maybe they’re just having problems with the calendar. Overall, the site just doesn’t seem ready for the masses, despite the fact that “god” is a member (look right).


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