BitTorrent Beyond the PC

BitTorrent Inc. officially announced that they are going to embed BitTorrent software into digital home products beyond the PC.

asus BitTorrent routerA few weeks ago we already posted that the interest of hardware manufacturers in BitTorrent is growing. Today BitTorrent confirmed that they are working with Asustek Computers, Planex Communication and QNAP Systems to build BitTorrent compatible routers and other devices.

“We are thrilled to announce new CE devices enhanced with our technology, enabling consumers to enjoy a world of digital content even when they are away from their PCs,” said Ashwin Navin, president and co-founder of BitTorrent. “While already synonymous with efficient file delivery, BitTorrent is extending our reach beyond the PC and into a number of products and services to further strengthen the bridge between content and devices.”

The following products are currently supporting BitTorrent downloads:

  • ASUS WL-700gE Wireless Storage Router
  • ASUS WL-500gP Router
  • ASUS WL-500gW Router
  • Planex BRC-W14VG-BT Router
  • Planex BRC-14VG-BT Router
  • Planex BRC-W14V-BT Router
  • Planex BLW-HPMM-U Router
  • Planex BLW-HPMM-G Router
  • QNAP TS101 NAS Server
  • QNAP TS-201 NAS Server
  • Earlier this year we reviewed the BitTorrent compatible wireless router that was introduced by Asustek. The WL-700gE router has a built-in hard drive and BitTorrent client, so you can download your favorite torrents even when your PC is switched off. Although the idea is nice, the implementation is still very buggy. But this is likely to change now that they have some competitors on the market.

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