A “Napster Moment” for TV Downloads

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The "Tape it off the Internet" project is currently in the final stages of the closed Beta program. TIOTI might very well be a realistic representation of what the future of TV will look like.

The TIOTI project approach to socialize and optimize your TV Download experience. TIOTI combines great design, TV-torrent tracking, favorites, recommendations, RSS feeds, tagging, groups, wiki’s, and a lot more ‘Web 2.0’ stuff.

In an interview we did with Paul Pod, one of the founders of the project, he said that their goal is to create a “Napster moment” for TV downloads.

I don’t know if you remember downloading music before Napster came along, but it was an experience not dissimilar to the BitTorrent experience today. And remember when you tried out Napster for the first time? We’re aiming to create that Napster moment for TV downloads. Web 2.0 is neither here nor there – what matters is good architecture and fantastic design. For non-geeks, it’s all about the user experience – if it sucks they don’t come back.

Last May we were able to give you a sneak peek behind the screens. Over the past months a lot of work has been done to optimize and add features to the site. Some of the new (working) features that are worth mentioning are RSS feeds for your favorite shows, and integration with Amazon and the iTunes store.

iTunes integration

The episode view includes links to downloads from the iTunes store.

tioti BitTorrent tv downloads

Amazon offers

The Show page includes links to DVD’s from the Amazon store.

tioti los amazon

Download screen & RSS feed for favorites

TIOTI offers RSS feeds for ever show, but also feeds for your favorite shows. This makes it easy to stay up-to-date.

tioti download

There is no official release date for the public Beta yet, but it won’t take long now.


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