ACS:Law Anti-Piracy Debacle Makes UK National TV

The huge mess that was the operations of UK anti-piracy law firm ACS:Law made national TV over there last night, with the BBC’s The One Show covering the issue.

However, ‘was’ is the operative word here, since ACS:Law have given up on this business model entirely and closed down.

While it’s good that the BBC have put this show out, it would have been much better if they would have listened to the dozens of people who contacted them over the last few years begging for help on this issue.

Only now, when it’s all over, have they given this issue the attention it deserves. Had they acted sooner, thousands of people could have been spared the pain and humiliation inflicted by this company. Maybe it’s not only the man in the street who gets scared of being sued.

ACS:Flaw, Crossley & Victims from Rob8urcakes on Vimeo.


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