Another 5,829 Alleged BitTorrent Users Go Free

In previous weeks we’ve reported that the United States Copyright Group (USCG) dropped their cases against alleged downloaders of The Expendables and I Spit on Your Grave.

Today we can add another one, as the law firm behind USCG just dismissed their case against 5,829 alleged downloaders of Teen Anal Nightmare 2 (West Coast Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-5,829).

Texas lawyer Robert Cashman, who represented several Does in this case is happy with the outcome.

“This case had everything wrong with it. Improper joinder, improper jurisdiction, even the content it accused internet users of downloading was distasteful. “I don’t like ugly biker chicks, I’d never download their films,” a Doe Defendant once told me,” he writes.

Cashman continues:

“What does this mean? Could it mean that the plaintiff attorneys do not have the resources, the time, the patience, or the energy to take clients to trial? Or, did West Coast Productions, Inc. say “enough is enough; we’ve made enough money in settlements — let’s close up shop.” It cannot be that easy.”

“Here is my take. Before they sue each and every one of the defendants in smaller groups in the correct courts — a tactic that Steele Hansmeier, PLLC and other plaintiff attorneys have caught onto — they had to kill the big bad monster of a case. After all, it would be bad to sue the same defendant in two cases at the same time for the same alleged act of infringement.”

“So for now, those of you who were defendants in this case, you are no longer defendants, and I congratulate you on your victory. I would whip out the champagne bottles and celebrate, but be very aware that there is one more West Coast Productions, Inc. v. Does case lurking in this same DC court.”

For now it’s certainly good news.



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