Anti-Piracy Group Issues Veiled Threats To ISPs

Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) has launched a campaign to try and bring Aussie Internet service providers on board in their fight against online file-sharing.

AFACT is still engaged in ongoing legal proceedings against ISP iiNet, a case it lost and is now destined for an appeal court hearing later in the year.

However, the movie and TV business group appears to be gaining confidence and has started sending letters out to the country’s ISPs.

“AFACT has always been open to discussions and negotiations with ISPs,” said an AFACT spokesperson.

“We have always looked to work closely with ISPs to prevent online copyright theft on their networks and promote the distribution of legal content online. The Federal Court agreed with us and found that ISPs have a role to play in preventing online copyright theft.”

“This is simply an invitation to ISPs to engage with us to fulfil their obligations,” AFACT add.

According to documents seen by Delimiter, AFACT refer to the Federal Court iiNet judgment which noted that ISPs should take steps when it is proven that a subscriber is infringing copyright, if the ISPs wishes to retain its ‘Safe Harbour’ protection.

AFACT are giving the ISPs seven days to respond to their letter, while promising “unspecified action” should they chose not to.


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