Anti-Piracy Lawyer Has Been A Very Bad Boy

Andrew Crossley from the now defunct ACS:Law will face the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal later this year. During the hearing he will be forced to face up to his conduct as he carried out so-called Speculative Invoicing against alleged file-sharers in the UK.

The Solicitors Regulatory Authority have just published a list of the charges Crossley will face. They claim that the lawyer:

1) Allowed his independence to be compromised
2) Acted contrary to the best interests of his clients
3) Acted in a way that was likely to diminish the trust the public places in him or in the legal profession
4) Entered into arrangements to receive contingency fees for work done in prosecuting or defending contentious proceedings before the Courts of England and Wales except as permitted by statute or the common law
5) Acted where there was a conflict of interest in circumstances not permitted, in particular because there was a conflict with those of his clients
6) Used his position as a Solicitor to take or attempt to take unfair advantage of other persons being recipients of letters of claim either for his own benefit or for the benefit of his clients.

and finally..

7) Acted without integrity in that he provided false information in statements made to the Court.

Earlier in the year Crossley, a recently declared bankrupt, complained that he has no money to mount a proper defense at the forthcoming SDT hearing. In order to cut costs he requested that all expert evidence be excluded from the Tribunal.

Crossley’s demands were denied across the board. His tribunal will be heard in October.


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