AOL to sell movies and TV-shows online

AOL efforts to offset losses expected following its decision to drop subscription fees for some high-speed customers mean it, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will team up.

Buffy is among movies and TV shows AOL hopes to peddle for between $10 and $20 each through its new video site.

“The offerings also mark the latest experiments in online distribution as studios and TV networks try everything from showing programs for free on their Web sites to selling already-aired episodes for $1.99 each through Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes Music Store, Google Inc.’s video store and others.” says the Associated Press.

“Although users will own the titles, meaning viewing won’t be automatically disabled after a day or two, the movies can be played on only a limited number of Windows-based personal computers or portable devices that support Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Media Player technology,” says AP.

“Limits vary, but they are about four devices for movies and 10 for television shows,” and, “For now, movies may not be burned onto DVDs, a restriction that so far has limited the appeal of movie downloads,” says AP.



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