Dallas Buyers Club Face Court Sanctions Over Piracy “Extortion” Tactics

The makers of the Oscar-winning movie Dallas Buyers Club are facing monetary sanctions for the dubious tactics used in their ongoing crackdown on BitTorrent pirates. In California, a local resident is arguing that the filmmakers lack any evidence other than an IP-address, while requesting a monetary penalty of $36,000 for…

Court Orders Usenet Providers to Expose Prolific Pirates

Dutch Usenet providers Eweka and Usenetter have been ordered to hand over the personal details of two uploaders who shared over 2,000 pirated e-books. The case was initiated by local anti-piracy group BREIN, which plans to offer a settlement to the accused uploaders.

VPN Providers Protest Plans to Expand Government Hacking Powers

Proposed legislative changes that will increase law enforcement’s ability to hack into computers are under attack by a broad coalition. Google, EFF, Demand Progress and FightForTheFuture are joined by TOR, Private Internet Access and other VPN services seeking to block changes to Rule 41.

Pirate Bay Co-Founder to Sue Record Labels For Defamation

Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde is firing back at several major record labels, demanding compensation for damaging his name. Sunde is preparing a lawsuit against the music labels, who were recently awarded damages for his involvement with the notorious pirate site.

Huge Artists Coalition Piles Pressure on Congress Over DMCA

A coalition of 186 artists, bands and songwriters have penned an open letter to Congress complaining about the ineffectiveness of the DMCA. From Taylor Swift, Trent Reznor, deadmau5 and U2, to Sirs Paul McCartney and Elton John, the message is clear: The DMCA allows tech companies to make huge profits…

UEFA Cracks Down on ‘Pirate’ Euro Cup Streams

Now that the Euro Cup is well underway, UEFA and its partners have started cracking down on the many unauthorized streams that are being broadcasted online. Despite their efforts, it seems to be a game that they can't possibly win.

Pirate Streaming Site Operator’s Four Year Sentence Upheld

A man who ran a movie streaming site that generated £300,000 and cost the movie industry millions has failed to have his four-year sentence reduced. Paul Mahoney was told by Northern Ireland's most senior judge that his offending had been persistent and that matters had only been made worse by…

KickassTorrents Hits New High With Unrivaled Community

KickassTorrents has hit new heights as the world's leading torrent site. Following a recent surge the site has just entered the Alexa Top 70, a rare feat for any similar platform. While excellent presentation, timely content, and good uptime have played their part, it is KAT's community that almost certainly…

High IQ Countries Have Less Software Piracy, Research Finds

Researchers have found that software piracy is directly linked to intelligence on a national scale. Covering more than 100 countries, the study shows that software piracy rates are lower in more intelligent nations. However, that doesn't mean that 'dumb' countries have no option to curb this trend.

Google Sees DMCA Notices Quadruple In Two Years

Google is being overloaded with DMCA takedown requests. The company has seen the number of takedown notices from rightsholders quadruple over the past two years. In 2016 alone, Google is projected to process over a billion reported pirate links, most of which will be scrubbed from its search index.

Pirate Bay Domain Dispute Appealed to Supreme Court

Last month the Swedish Court of Appeal ruled that two of the Pirate Bay's oldest domains will be forfeited to the Swedish state. However, Pirate Bay co-founder Fredrik Neij is dissatisfied with the result and has now filed a further appeal. Sweden's Supreme Court must now decide whether to take…