“Top ISPs” Are Discussing Fines & Browsing Hijacking For Pirates

Some of the "top ISPs" are in "very thorough" discussions with anti-piracy outfit Rightscorp over proposals to hijack the browsers of alleged pirates until a fine is paid. Rightscorp is presenting this as an opportunity for ISPs to avoid being sued as well as a way to generate profit for…

Man Faces Prison For Sharing Pirated Deadpool Movie on Facebook

A 21-year-old man from California has been arrested for allegedly sharing a pirated copy of the movie Deadpool on his Facebook page, shortly after it premiered last year. The man was indicted following an FBI investigation and faces a prison sentence of up to three years.

UK Police Claim Success in Keeping Gambling Ads off Pirate Sites

City of London Police’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit is claiming success following recent efforts to keep gambling related advertising off 'pirate' sites. New research has revealed an 87% drop in adverts for licensed gambling operators being displayed on Infringing Website List domains during the past 12 months.

US Opposes Kim Dotcom’s Supreme Court Petition Over Seized Millions

The US Government has opposed Kim Dotcom's petition to the US Supreme Court, through which he hoped to regain control over millions of dollars in seized assets. The Department of Justice states that Dotcom and his former Megaupload colleagues were correctly branded as "fugitives" and argues that there are no…

Global Entertainment Giants Form Massive Anti-Piracy Coalition

Some of the world's largest entertainment groups have formed a huge coalition with a mission to reduce online piracy. The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment is comprised of 30 companies including the studios of the MPAA, Amazon, Netflix, CBS, HBO, BBC, Sky, Bell Canada, CBS, Hulu, Lionsgate, Foxtel, Village Roadshow,…

Kodi Turmoil Continues as TVAddons Mysteriously Disappears

TVAddons, the leading library for unofficial Kodi add-ons, has mysteriously disappeared. The site's domain names have become unresponsive after the DNS entries were removed. It's unclear why these drastic actions were taken, but since TVAddons was sued last week, some fear the worst.

Popular Release Group ShAaNiG Permanently Shuts Down

In the wake of successes by other commodity 'brand' groups such as aXXo and YIFY, popular release group ShAaNiG carved out an enthusiastic following among public BitTorrent and file-host users. But after thousands of releases the ride is now over, with the group's website and operations closed down for good.

Copyright Holders Keep Targeting Dead Torrent Sites

KickassTorrents and Torrentz.eu have been down for almost a year now, but several copyright holders seem to think otherwise. Automated bots operated by their anti-piracy partners continue to send Google numerous takedown notices for dead torrent sites, some of which shut down over half a decade ago.

Who’s To Blame For The Kodi Crackdown?

Over the past several months it's become increasingly clear that copyright holders, authorities, and sundry third parties intend to do something about the dramatic rise of infringing modified Kodi setups. This week, after several addons including the popular Phoenix went down, accusatory fingers were pointed all around. So who is…