‘Resurrected’ Grooveshark is Actually an MP3Juices Clone

Reports of a resurrected Grooveshark to replace the service that was taken down last week are, to put it diplomatically, the result of 'creative marketing'. Grooveshark.io hit the scene a couple of days ago claiming to be a clone of the shuttered service but it's little more than a re-badged…

Mega’s Bid For Stock Exchange Listing Falls Through

Mega.co.nz, the cloud storage company founded by Kim Dotcom, has failed in its bid to go public via a backdoor listing on the New Zealand stock exchange. While conceding that the news is a disappointment, CEO Graham Gaylard informs TorrentFreak that it is not viewed as a setback for Mega.

Popcorn Time Conquers iOS, Now With a Mac Installer

With more than 100,000 downloads on the first day alone, the non-jailbreak Popcorn Time app has already gained a massive audience. Today the developers behind the popular application released a Mac installer for the iOS app, hoping to conquer even more devices.

Demonii Tracker Pauses After Breaking Torrent Records

Demonii, the most important public BitTorrent tracker on the Internet today, is dealing with unprecedented demand. Currently running in maintenance mode, the popular tracker recently smashed its own record by tracking in excess of 36 million simultaneous peers while managing 4.8 million torrents.

The Pirate Bay Is Down (updated)

The Pirate Bay is down at the moment, causing a mild panic among many BitTorrent users. With the raid of last December fresh in mind some fear the worst, but the current issues appear to be caused by an SSL problem.

Microsoft Logs IP Addresses to Catch Windows 7 Pirates

A presumed pirate with an unusually large appetite for activating Windows 7 has incurred the wrath of Microsoft. In a lawsuit filed at a Washington court, the Seattle-based company said that it logged hundreds of suspicious product activations from a Verizon IP address and is now seeking damages.

Hollywood Urged Cameron to Keep DVD Ripping Illegal

A few months ago the UK Government legalized copying of MP3s, CDs and DVDs for personal use, as that would be in the best interest of consumers. A common sense decision for many, but leaked emails now show that Hollywood fiercely protested the changes behind the scenes.

MPAA Funds Pro-Copyright Scholars to Influence Politics

This week the MPAA opened applications for a new round of research grants, hoping the result will be "pro-copyright" academic papers. In an email leaked in the Sony hack the movie industry group further says it's looking for pro-copyright scholars who they can cultivate for further public advocacy.

Anti-Piracy Measures Putting Internet Users at Risk

While entertainment companies and authorities believe they are necessary to stem the tide of online infringement, many current anti-piracy strategies are putting Internet users at risk. Domain suspensions, seizures, plus search engine down-rankings are all playing a part in creating a less-safe online environment.

Why ISPs Should Stop Forwarding Piracy Settlement Demands

Every day thousand of Internet subscribers receive a piracy warning from their Internet provider. Increasingly, these notifications also include a settlement request ranging from $20 to hundreds of dollars. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, ISPs should protect their customers from these invasive tactics.