Cloudflare Faces Lawsuit For Assisting Pirate Sites

In recent months CloudFlare has been called out repeatedly for offering its services to known pirate sites, including The Pirate Bay. These allegations have now resulted in the first lawsuit after adult entertainment publisher ALS Scan filed a complaint against CloudFlare at a California federal court.

PIPCU’s Operation Creative Gets New Leader & New Backers

The UK Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has just announced the appointment of a new dedicated officer to head up anti-piracy drive Operation Creative. The initiative, which disrupts websites providing unauthorised access to copyrighted content, also welcomes its seventh backer in the form of the Music Publishers Association.

KickassTorrents ‘Front Company’ Disappears From Web

According to the United States Government, KickassTorrents was operated through Cryptoneat, an alleged "front company" located in Ukraine. Now, however, Cryptoneat's web's presence is no more. In addition to the disappearance of its website, the company's main domain has just expired.

Indian Piracy Blocks Scare Torrent Users With 3-Year Prison Sentence

Blocking torrent portals and other pirate sites is nothing new in India, but a recently updated blocking message is causing panic among torrenters. According to a new blocking notification, torrent users face a prison sentence up to three years and a hefty fine if they continue downloading copyright infringing content.

Fail: Anti-Piracy Outfits Send Takedown Request For Non-Existent Torrents

HBO, Paramount Pictures and other copyright holders are sending takedown notices for torrent links that have never existed. The notices accuse sites of distributing recent movies and TV-shows. However, the services in question have been down for a year, showing that anti-piracy groups automatically generate links based on hashes without…

How Legitimate Content Killed an “Ethical” Torrent Site

In the early days of P2P, saving money on media was a key motivator for people to pirate online. But now, with the market beginning to mature, it is the timely availability of content in convenient formats that has the ability to tackle the piracy issue. For one iconic torrent…

Dallas Buyers Club Lawyer Calls Out “Copyleft” TorrentFreak

In an attempt to uncover various BitTorrent pirates, Dallas Buyers Club attorney James Davis asked a California District Court for permission to interrogate Internet subscribers whose connections were used to pirate the film. In his request the lawyer warns against an aggressive "BitTorrent defense bar," which apparently uses the Pirate…

Google Saves Anthropoid Movie From Anti-Piracy Meltdown

World War II thriller Anthropoid was released in the United States last week and as usual, an anti-piracy outfit has been busy taking down 'pirate' links from Google. However, that's proven somewhat problematic, since the movie hasn't even been leaked yet. Sadly, this initial screw-up is just the tip of…

Scammers Use Harvard Education Platform to Promote Pirated Movies

Spammers are using Harvard's educational sharing tool H2O to promote pirated movies. Thousands of links to scammy sites have appeared on the site in recent weeks. Copyright holders are not happy with this unintended use and are targeting the pages with various takedown notices.

Mexican Govt Officials Reprimanded For Olympics Piracy

Significant commercial interests lie behind the Olympic Games so protecting trademarks and copyrights are high on the agenda. To that end, the organizers in Rio have just taken action against several Mexican government officials after one of them recorded a gymnastic event and posted it on social media.