Demonoid Hopes to Return to Its Former Glory

The semi-private BitTorrent tracker Demonoid returned from the ashes earlier this year and is slowly rebuilding its community. The site's founder, who's back in charge once again, is working on a new and improved version of the site and hopes Demonoid will one day return to its former glory.

No, Google Drive is Definitely Not The New Pirate Bay

This week, citing a crackdown on torrent sites, numerous articles declared Google Drive and similar cloud storage services to be "The New Pirate Bay". While such platforms can indeed facilitate the distribution of content, there should be no illusion that they offer anything like the decentralization and corporate detachment offered…

The Things Pirates Do To Hinder Anti-Piracy Investigations

Aside from distributing content or having a successful website, most pirates want to stay a step ahead of authorities and companies dedicated to their demise. In a new report detailing the role social media plays in spreading unlicensed content, anti-piracy outfit FACT reveals the key things pirates do to hinder…

WordPress Reports Surge in ‘Piracy’ Takedown Notices, Rejects 78%

WordPress has published new data revealing that the number of piracy takedown notices it receives has doubled in a year. Interestingly, this increase is not caused by legitimate complaints. Of all the DMCA requests copyright holders sent, a massive 78% were rejected due to mistakes or abuse.

Kodi Declares ‘War’ on Trademark Trolls

The Kodi team, operating under the XBMC Foundation, is taking a stand against 'trademark trolls' who abuse the Kodi name for personal profit. They accuse the Canadian trademark owner of actively blackmailing hardware vendors and removing content from Amazon. If needed, the foundation says that it may have to take…

MPAA: Net Neutrality Rules Should Not Hinder Anti-Piracy Efforts

While millions of people were sending in comments urging the FCC to stop a looming repeal of current net neutrality rules, the MPAA focused on something else. In a recently submitted letter, the Hollywood group doesn't argue for or against the proposals. It merely wants to ensure that future net…

Private Torrent Site Legal Battle Heard By Court of Appeal

A super-aggressive prosecution of a private torrent site operator which concluded with a relatively light sentence for the accused is now back on again at the court of appeal. The case against SwePiracy has been running for more than five years but neither side is happy with last year's verdict.

Perfect 10 Takes Giganews to Supreme Court, Says It’s Worse Than Megaupload

After filing a lawsuit against Giganews for alleged piracy, Perfect 10 has been continually defeated by the Usenet provider. Now, with a final throw of the dice, the company has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court, bemoaning the efforts of the courts, Justice Department and Congress, while claiming that…

Mandatory Piracy Filters Could Breach Human Rights, EU Members Warn

Several EU member states are questioning whether plans to modernize copyright law in Europe are fully compatible with EU law. One of the main problems is the mandatory piracy filters Internet services could be required to use, which could violate existing case law and human rights.

‘Game of Thrones Season 7 Pirated Over a Billion Times’

Data published by piracy monitoring firm MUSO suggests that the seventh season of Game of Thrones was pirated more than one billion times. Most of the traffic was generated by unauthorized streaming services, with torrent and direct downloads accounting for just a small piece of the pie, roughly fifteen percent.