Pirates Spend Much More Money on Music, Study Shows

A new study has shown that music piracy is still rampant in the United States with 57 million people between the ages of 13 and 50 accessing music through unauthorized sources. Interestingly, however, these pirates also spend significantly more money on CDs and paid downloads, more than their counterparts who…

DVDFab Says No Crack For Next-Gen Blu-ray Discs

The company behind the popular DVDFab software has announced it will not be supporting decryption of the enhanced Advanced Access Content System that will be used to protect new Ultra HD (4K UHD) Blu-ray discs. The announcement comes just a day after rival copying software company SlySoft confirmed its closure.

RIAA Wins $22 Million Piracy Lawsuit Against MP3Skull

A group of prominent RIAA labels have won a default judgment against piracy site MP3Skull. A Florida court awarded the music companies more than $22 million in damages and issued a permanent injunction which allows the RIAA to take over the site's domain names.

Popcorn Time Fork Claims Official Relaunch After MPAA Shutdown

The variant of Popcorn Time most closely linked with the edition shut down by the MPAA last year has announced its official return, or debut depending on one's perspective. The fork is promising "resilience-driven development" based on the parallel development of the 'legal' Project Butter. Nevertheless, the entire 'market' remains…

Japan Police Arrest 44 in Nationwide Internet Piracy Crackdown

Police in Japan have arrested 44 people suspected of being involved in illegal Internet file-sharing. Raids in over 90 locations across the country targeted individuals suspected of downloading and distributing a wide range of content including movies, music, anime, manga and software. If convicted they face fines and up to…

Fancy an Anti-Piracy Threat….To Your Dropbox Email Address?

Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN is stepping up its game when it comes to scaring would-be pirates. While people sharing files in public using BitTorrent are the group's usual targets, BREIN has just sent scary emails to people who thought they were sharing eBooks privately using Dropbox.

The BPI Announces a Brand New Anti-Piracy Boss

The BPI recently announced it would be removing the leaders of both its Content Protection Unit and Head of Internet Investigations. The music industry group has now hired fresh blood to head up its anti-piracy team. Tim Cooper, current Head of Operations at anti-piracy outfit NetResult, will join the BPI…

HTTPS Renders UK Pirate Site Blocklist Useless

By now most UK Internet users have gotten used to pirate sites being blocked by their ISPs. However, thanks to HTTPS many subscribers have been enjoying a glimpse of an open and unrestricted web, as several popular torrent sites including The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents are no longer being…

The Walking Dead “Disappears” From Torrent Sites

As one of the most pirated TV-shows, The Walking Dead is downloaded by millions of people. However, finding a copy of the latest episode has become somewhat of an annoyance, as copyright holders are increasing their takedown efforts on popular torrent sites.

Copyright Holders Move to Block vKontakte, Russia’s Facebook

Social networking giant vKontakte is facing the prospect of being blocked by ISPs in Russia after copyright holders took a complaint to court. According to a local anti-piracy outfit, vKontakte - which has dozens of millions of daily users - is not doing enough to take down unauthorized content.