68% of Digital Content Providers Geo-Block in the EU

Initial findings published as a result of the EU Commission's e-commerce antitrust inquiry reveal widespread content blocking across the European Union. According to the report, 68% of digital content providers say they block consumers located in other EU countries, with 74% of all fiction TV licensing agreements demanding the practice.

Is Your VPN / Proxy Working? Check Your Torrent IP-Address

Millions of BitTorrent downloaders use proxies or VPN services to protect their privacy while downloading. These tools offer anonymity by replacing one's residential IP-address with that of the privacy service. But do they really work? Luckily, there's now a very elaborate tool to find out.

Downloading MP3s From Spotify is Easy – But Feels Dated

Streaming music is a big deal these days but some users can't seem to break the habit of hoarding MP3s. So what if it was possible - with a free or premium account - to download MP3s from Spotify to keep forever? Well, with a bit of patience that's possible…

SXSW 2016 on BitTorrent: 10.33 GB of Free Music

The South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival is one of the largest and most popular in the United States. For more than a decade SXSW has been sharing DRM-free songs of the performing artists, over 69 GB worth so far. This year's release breaks a new record with 1,593 tracks…

After Half a Decade, We Now Know What YIFY Stands For

For several years YIFY has been one of Hollywood's biggest arch-rivals and most-recognized pirate brands. Interestingly, it always remained a mystery what those four letters stand for. Now the veil has been lifted after a New Zealand court confirmed the name of the group's founder.

Copyright Holders Want to Ban Talk About Piracy Blocklist Circumvention

Site blocking is viewed by entertainment companies as a key weapon in the piracy wars but since workarounds are easily available, its efficacy remains suspect. However, if entertainment companies have their way, amendments to Russian law will outlaw the promotion and discussion of block circumvention techniques.

Netflix Joins DMCA Takedown Bandwagon to Frustrate Pirates

Netflix has jumped on the DMCA takedown bandwagon. In recent weeks the company has reported tens of thousands of pirate links to Google alone, hoping to make pirated copies of their programming harder to find. Netflix's position on piracy deviates from a few years ago, when CEO Reed Hastings highlighted…

Anti-Piracy Outfit Criticizes Authorities For Not Prosecuting Pirates

An anti-piracy group representing national and international rightsholders including Hollywood and the major labels has openly criticized authorities in Denmark over piracy. Despite being assured that these offenses would be dealt with as a priority, few results have been forthcoming, Rights Alliance says.

Police Raid Pirate Android Box Sellers, Six Arrested

The UK's Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has arrested six individuals suspected of being involved in the supply of 'pirate' set-top boxes configured to obtain free TV from the Internet. The operation, targeting the north of England, was carried out in conjunction with the Federation Against Copyright Theft.

Warner Bros and Intel Sued Over Defamatory 4K Piracy Claims

LegendSky, a hardware manufacturer that creates devices enabling consumers to bypass 4K copy protection, has lodged several counterclaims against Warner Bros. and Intel daughter company Digital Content Protection (DCP). The Chinese company accuses DCP of defamation and monopolization, while demanding compensation for the damages it has suffered.

Apple App Piracy Technique Used For Malware

A technique used for installing pirated iOS apps onto non-jailbroken Apple devices has now been deployed by criminals looking to compromise user accounts. A piece of malware known as 'AceDeceiver' carries out the same attack on Apple's DRM system, enabling attackers to obtain login information and passwords.