Court Orders Landmark Mass Blocking of 152 Pirate Sites

Police in Italy have taken action to block more than 150 sites involved in the unauthorized streaming of movies and sports. The Special Units of the Guardia di Finanza obtained a mass injunction from a judge in Rome, marking the start of the largest ever blocking operation since measures began…

“DRM is Used to Lock in, Control and Spy on Users”

In a scathing critique, the Free Software Foundation is urging the U.S. Government to drop the DMCA's anti-circumvention provisions which protect DRM. The foundation argues that DRM is a violation of users' rights, which under the guise of copyright protection is used to harm, control and spy on people.

KickassTorrents Was a Piracy Flea Market, US Argues

The U.S. government has responded to the request to dismiss the criminal indictment against the alleged operator of KickassTorrents. According to United States Attorney Zachary Fardon, the defense is downplaying the significance of “torrent” sites, which are more akin to flea markets for infringing movies, TV shows, games, music, and…

Hollywood, Studios & Publishers Demand Tough Anti-Piracy Measures

Representatives from the movie, music, TV show, games and publishing industries have penned an open letter criticizing the Swedish government for not doing enough to tackle piracy. The legal system must be given powerful new tools to crack down on the "criminal groups" behind pirate sites, they argue.

Copyright Industries Back Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

The next President of the United States will help to shape the future of copyright legislation during the years to come. While none of the candidates have tabled a detailed overview of their plans, donation records suggest that the top entertainment industries clearly favor Hillary Clinton.

Movie Companies Want to Hold Search Engines Liable For Piracy

Producers of movies and TV shows in Russia say they want companies including Google, Yandex and Microsoft to wipe piracy from their search engines. The rightsholders want the companies to remove links to pirate sites from their search listings on demand, or face being held liable for third party infringement.

Anti-Piracy Group Uses ‘Pirated’ Code on its Website

The Business Software Alliance, a trade group representing Adobe, Apple and Microsoft, is well known for its aggressive anti-piracy campaigns. The organization actively encourages people to snitch on software pirates, luring them with big cash rewards. Amusingly, however, the page where people can report unlicensed software is using 'unlicensed' jQuery…

Croatia Arrests its First Ever Pirate Site Operator

A man from Croatia has earned the dubious honor of becoming the country's first ever pirate site casualty. The 31-year-old was arrested after being accused of illegally distributing more than 1,250 movies online. A woman was also detained on suspicion of money laundering offenses.

Google Asked to Remove 50 Million 4shared Links

This week Google received its 50 millionth takedown request for the popular file-hosting service 4shared. The staggering number clearly shows that there is plenty of infringing content being shared on the service. Still, several major music industry groups don't seem very eager to resolve their issues with 4shared directly.

Cloudflare Slams MPAA and RIAA’s “Distorted” Piracy Claims

Cloudflare has hit back at the entertainment industry's anti-piracy groups, RIAA and MPAA, which accused the service of helping pirate sites to hide. The CDN provider informs the U.S. Government that its services adhere to the law and adds that the industry groups' characterizations are distorted and misleading.

TED Accused of Using the DMCA to Silence Talk Criticism

TED, a series of popular conferences, has the motto Ideas Worth Spreading. However, when a YouTuber made a video criticising and featuring content from a recent TED talk, the non-profit filed a DMCA notice with YouTube. Speaking with TorrentFreak, TED says that regardless of content, YouTube videos which violate its…