BREIN Does a Deal With Kickass and Pirate Bay Uploader

Anti-piracy group BREIN says that after identifying an uploader of around 5,000 torrents on sites including KickassTorrents and The Pirate Bay, it has reached settlement with the individual. In response the man has published a warning to others, noting that while uploading may seem harmless, it's actually a damaging and…

Dutch Court Won’t Ban ‘Pirate’ Streaming Boxes – Yet

A Dutch court has refused to hand down a ban against a site selling devices which enable users to stream copyrighted content from the Internet. The court said that the final outcome to the case, which was brought by anti-piracy outfit BREIN, relies on answers to questions already filed with…

University: ‘Pirating’ Students Being Deliberately Targeted

Data published by Central Michigan University has revealed a worrying trend in copyright complaints. Out of 1,912 received so far in 2015, more than 80% were from Rightscorp, a company that demands cash to settle. The university's chief information officer believes that campuses like his are being deliberately targeted.

Austrian Pirate Bay Blockade Censors Slovak Internet

Many Slovak Internet subscribers have been unable to access The Pirate Bay in recent days due to an unintended consequence of an injunction handed down in an entirely different country. An Austrian blockade of The Pirate Bay spread to Slovakia because a local ISP uses a datacenter in Vienna for…

Popcorn Time Developers Poke MPAA with A New Fork

A new group of Popcorn Time developers has officially launched a "Community Edition" of the popular application. What started as a relatively simple fix to get the most used fork working again has turned into a fork of its own, challenging the MPAA's efforts to bring Popcorn Time down.

Court: Cox Willingly Failed to Disconnect Pirating Subscribers

District Court Judge Liam O'Grady has just issued a detailed memorandum explaining why Cox isn't entitled to a safe harbor defense. He ruled that Cox willingly failed to disconnect repeat or flagrant 'pirate' subscribers, a decision that could have an enormous impact on all U.S. Internet providers.

Sky Users Receive Porn Piracy Threats in Time For Christmas

After being alerted by Sky last month, customers of the UK broadband provider are now receiving letters accusing them of Internet piracy. Letters obtained by TorrentFreak reveal porn outfit Golden Eye accusing account holders of copyright infringement but noting that they might not actually be to blame.

Broke Again, Dotcom Asks Hong Kong Court For Millions

Lawyers for Kim Dotcom have asked a Hong Kong court for the release of millions in previously seized funds claiming that their client is broke once again. However, the prosecution claim that after opening new businesses, Dotcom banked "hundreds of millions" of dollars through Hong Kong.

Hilarious Remixers Hand Out Copyright Smackdown

An artist / collective famous for hilariously butchering famous tracks has just suckered several news outlets into publishing a textbook "copyright fail" story. DJ Detweiler, whose work has to be heard to be believed, implied that Soundcloud claimed copyright infringement on a 'remix' of a famous silent track. In fact…

UK Anti-Piracy ‘Education’ Campaign Launched, Quietly

After a long wait the UK's broad anti-piracy effort operated by ISPs and copyright holders has finally launched. The UK Government-funded program aims to warn and educate illegal file-sharers in the hope of decreasing piracy rates over time, but thus far the response has been rather underwhelming.

MPAA ‘Softens’ Movie Theater Anti-Piracy Policy, Drops Bounty

The MPAA has issued an updated version of its best practices for the prevention of movie piracy in theaters. While much remains the same, theater managers are no longer required to call the police for every incident. In addition, the long-standing pirate hunting bounty program has disappeared.