Megaupload Hard Drives Are Unreadable, Hosting Company Warns

Megaupload's former hosting company Cogent has warned that several drives, which are preserved as evidence for civil and criminal lawsuits, have become unreadable. While the data might not be lost permanently, various stakeholders including the MPAA and RIAA are urging the court to help secure the data.

Rightscorp Revenues Collapse, Pirates Too Hard to Track

Anti-piracy outfit Rightscorp has just turned in another set of dismal results. During the past three months revenues plummeted 78% versus the same period last year with the company recording a net loss of $784,000. Pirates, it appears, are becoming harder to track and threaten.

Universal Music Appeals VKontakte Piracy Lawsuit

After a defeat earlier this year, Universal Music has now announced that it will take its lawsuit against Russian social networking site VKontakte to appeal. Universal accuses the social network of facilitating mass-piracy and is demanding damages and tougher anti-piracy measures.

YouTube Are Criminal Piracy Racketeers, Grammy Winner Says

YouTube is guilty of criminal racketeering. That's the headline-grabbing claim of Grammy award winning musician Maria Schneider, who claims that the Google-owned site is abusing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to siphon money away from musicians into its own pockets.

UK Govt Targets Google and Facebook in Piracy Crackdown

The UK Intellectual Property Office is investigating how search engines and social media networks can step up their game to deter piracy. The Government is pushing for voluntary anti-piracy agreements between major Internet companies and entertainment industry groups, but will consider a legislative approach if these fail.

Copyright Holders Try To Remove BBC iPlayer From Google

The BBC is one of the world's most respected broadcasters yet some copyright holders think that it's a pirate powerhouse. In a wave of notices sent to Google in recent weeks the BBC has been accused of infringement more than 130 times, with one outfit attempting to have both BBC1…

MPAA ‘Invests’ Millions in Academic Piracy Research

Over the course of several years Hollywood's MPAA has gifted millions of dollars to piracy related academic research. Tax records reveal that most funds have been directed to Carnegie Mellon University, which produced several high-profile studies. According to the most recent filing the university received $1 million in 2014 alone.

RIAA Ceremony Commends ICE For “Historic” Pirate Site Shutdown

The RIAA has commended U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigators during a ceremony to celebrate the prosecution of RockDizMusic and RockDizFile operator Rocky Ouprasith. “On behalf of the major U.S. record labels, we are grateful for the excellent work of the ICE agents involved in this historic case,” said RIAA…

Sony Pictures Targets Torrent Sites With Preemptive Takedowns

Copyright holders commonly ask torrent sites to remove links to pirated content, such as the latest blockbuster movies. However, Sony Pictures Networks goes a step further. This week the Indian company sent a stark warning to torrent sites, urging them to keep an eye out for pirated versions of an…

MPAA Signs Anti-Piracy Deal With Large Domain Registry

The MPAA has signed its first anti-piracy partnership with a domain name registry outside the United States. The Hollywood group will act as a "trusted notifier," helping Radix, Asia's largest new gTLD applicant, to prevent pirate sites from using their domain names.