Piracy Notices? There Shouldn’t Be Many UK Torrent Users Left to Warn

During the next few weeks, ISPs in the UK will begin sending out warnings to subscribers who use BitTorrent to share pirated content. It's a curious situation. Since every major torrent site and hundreds of others are already blocked by those very same ISPs, few people should even have access…

Pirate Apps Corrupt Kids & Bust Your TV, Industry Warns

Modified Kodi devices might be a great way to enjoy streaming content but they can corrupt your children and damage your TV. That's the message from The Industry Trust for IP Awareness and FindAnyFilm.com, who are warning parents that pirate devices and software have no age controls and could even…

‘Klingon Language’ Copyright Battle Ends, For Now

The case between Paramount Pictures and the crowdfunded Star Trek spin-off "Prelude to Axanar" is going to trial later this month, but the future of the Klingon language is no longer at stake. This week the court excluded Klingon from the copyright battle, together with several other "items" including Vulcans'…

Advertisers Promise to Boycott Pirate Sites After Police Visit

The UK's Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit says that it visited several companies found to be advertising on pirate sites. The visits, made alongside FACT, IFPI, BPI and PRS, resulted in promises from the organizations to stop advertising on 1,232 pirate sites.

Hollywood Lawsuit Expands Pirate Bay & ExtraTorrent Web Blockade

The MPA recently filed a complaint in Norway seeking to expand a blockade of The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent and several other sites that was put in place during 2015. The Hollywood group aimed to add seven new ISPs and several additional sites to the country's blocklist. It has now achieved…

Google Removes MEGA Frontpage From Search Results

Google has removed the homepage of the popular cloud storage service Mega from its search index. The surprise move, which is the result of an inaccurate DMCA takedown notice from a movie company, directly impacts the site's incoming search traffic.

Movie Studios Prepare New “Big Time” Wave of Aussie Site Blocks

The co-chief of movie studio Village Roadshow is warning of a new wave of site blocking efforts in Australia. Graham Burke says he has a long list of sites to block when the court resumes in February. Worryingly, he has also renewed his promise to sue pirate site users.

Audible Magic Accuses YouTube of Fraud Over Content ID Trademark

Audible Magic, one of the best known anti-piracy companies operating in the digital fingerprinting space, has filed a complaint against Google at the US Patent and Trademark Office. The California-based company says that YouTube's registration of the trademark 'Content ID' was made fraudulently and should be canceled.

UK ‘Piracy Warnings’ Are Coming This Month; Here’s How it Works

This month UK Internet providers will start their long-awaited piracy alerts campaign. With help from copyright holders and support from the Government, ISPs will send email notifications to subscribers whose connections are allegedly being used to pirate content. Today we take a look at what's in store.

BREIN Reveals Anti-Piracy Tactics and Achievements

Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN has been very active over the past year. Through various enforcement actions it targeted hundreds of sites and services, with many shutting down or leaving their hosting providers. In addition, a strong focus on prolific uploaders resulted in several settlements with pirating BitTorrent, file-hosting, Usenet and…