Pirates Get Game of Thrones Early, Again

HBO is doing its best to limit Game of Thrones piracy, but despite their efforts new episodes continue to leak early. Yesterday, pirates were again the first to see the latest episode, in what appears to be another leak from HBO's own video service. In addition, HBO's Veep and Silicon…

The Sad Hypocrisy of the Clockwork Orange YouTube Lawsuit

After uploading an analysis of Stanley Kubrick movies to YouTube, UK-based Lewis Criswell is now being sued by the company behind the main theme to the 1971 classic, A Clockwork Orange. The sad thing here is that while the piece is incredible, it too is a copy, having being written…

“Piracy Monitoring Outfit Uses Flawed Tracking Technology”

Every day anti-piracy outfits monitor millions of unauthorized BitTorrent transfers. Among other things, the data collected is used to sent stark warnings to alleged pirates. However, according to a torrent site owner the tracking methods of these companies are not all foolproof.

Tube Sites Win Copyright Case Against Adult Studios

The operator of four adult tube sites has prevailed in a battle against a distributor of adult movies. Hydentra HLP filed suit against Sun Social Media alleging that its content appeared on the sites without permission. But was sending DMCA notices through the mail really the best way to get…

Judge: Failing Megaupload Servers Should Be Repaired, Not Copied

Last month Megaupload's former hosting company Cogent raised alarm bells about failing hard drives, which contain crucial evidence. Responding to this threat the MPAA and RIAA asked the court's permission to copy the data, but this has now been denied. Instead, Judge O'Grady went with Megaupload's proposal to simply repair…

Canada Federal Court Restrains Sale of ‘Pirate’ Boxes

The Federal Court in Canada has handed down a interlocutory injunction against distributors of Android-based set-top boxes configured for piracy. The devices, which are loaded with software including Kodi (with pirate addons) and Showbox, are now banned from sale pending a full trial.

Torrent Sites Get ‘Pre-Piracy’ Warning for UEFA Euro Cup

Hoping to limit the availability of pirated UEFA Euro 2016 matches, Sony Pictures Networks is sending pre-piracy notices to the owners of several websites. The broadcaster warns site owners that they face criminal liability if they make the matches available through their sites.

Police: File-Sharing Cases Dominate Sweden IP Complaints

To a background of legal services gaining traction, it appears that Sweden still has a problem with unauthorized downloads. Figures released by national police indicate that three quarters of intellectual property complaints relate to file-sharing, with a new complaint being filed with authorities every three days.

Netflix Blocks IPv6 Tunnels Over Geo-Unblocking Fears

After taking action against people using VPNs and proxies, Netflix is engaged in enhanced efforts to stop users accessing geo-blocked content. According to several reports, Netflix is now blocking users who use IPv4 to IPv6 tunnel brokers, even when doing so legitimately.