Steal This Show S02E05: Trolling For Justice

Today we bring you the next episode of the Steal This Show podcast, discussing renegade media and the latest file-sharing and copyright news. In this episode we talk to The Yes Men's Mike Bonanno, aka Igor Vamos.

123Movies Circumvents ISP Blocking With New .GS Domain

The popular movie streaming site 123movies has started redirecting UK and Indian traffic to a new domain name to circumvent local blocking orders. The site's operators are keen to keep their service accessible around the globe to the best of their ability. Taking a page from Pirate Bay's playbook, they're…

Alleged KickassTorrents Owner Stays in Prison, Court Rules

A Polish appeals court has ruled that Artem Vaulin, the alleged owner of KickassTorrents, will remain in prison. The court refused the request for a supervised release and deems the accusations of the U.S. Government serious enough to keep him in custody.

Facebook Deletes Music Piracy Groups Following Complaints

Anti-piracy group BREIN is reporting successes in cracking down on Facebook piracy. According to the Netherlands-based outfit, Facebook has complied with a request to delete nine groups where thousands of music albums were being shared without permission.

Copyright Trolls Abandon Sweden in a Blaze of Bad Publicity

A legal campaign that promised to hit file-sharers with demands for cash has been abandoned in Sweden. The law firm at the heart of the plan says that it effectively misjudged the gap between public opinion and the fact that file-sharing is illegal under local law. Strangely, it also claims…

86-Year Old Grandma Accused of Pirating a Zombie Game

Since it's become mandatory for ISPs to forward piracy notifications in Canada, hundreds of thousands of people have received letters over alleged copyright infringements. One of these accused pirates is an elderly woman, who's threatened with $5,000 in potential damages for downloading a zombie game she's never heard of.

Martin Shkreli Begs For Private Torrent Site Invitation

Dubbed the most hated man in America, pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli is always neck-deep in controversy. Currently on bail after being indicted on federal charges of securities fraud, Shkreli has taken to Twitter to beg for an invite to private torrent site, What.CD.

Swedish File-Sharing in Decline, Anti-Piracy Lawyer Says

Rights Alliance lawyer Henrik Pontén says that the trend of huge increases in people file-sharing has come to an end, while piracy complaints to the police more often than not lead to prosecution. Meanwhile, the Swedish government wants to develop a code of conduct to further reduce infringement.

Pirate Party Books Election Victory in Iceland

The Pirate Party in Iceland booked an important victory in the local parliamentary election today, scoring 14.5% of the total vote. While lower than most polls predicted, it marks the first time that a Pirate Party, anywhere in the world, has a serious shot at taking part in a government…